How to Remove Chromatic Aberration Using Lightroom

Chromatic aberration can be seen in digital images as “fringes” of color along the boundaries of objects in your images. Typically you will see a slight purple along the edges of the objects. This could be a slight purple color that blurs the edges … [Read more...]

Tips For Shooting Through Glass Windows

If you are like me, when you see something you want to photograph you take the shot. It doesn’t matter if there’s glass in front of you or you have an open shot.  You also know, that an open shot can be easy but shutting through glass can be tricky. … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: How to Make Your Photos Pop with Lightroom

Have you ever taken a picture that was the perfect layout but the picture is blown out and just doesn’t have that pop you are looking for? If so there’s ways to fix that. If you shoot in RAW then you can recover much of the lost color from the image … [Read more...]

How To Make A Safety Tether For Your Camera

Have you had a time when you are on a shoot or even just carrying your gear on a budget strap and it just “fell” to the ground? It doesn’t matter if you dropped it or your cheap strap fell apart when you needed it most, it still hurts to see that … [Read more...]

Webinar / Video Tutorial for Topaz Labs – Creative Expressions with Topaz

For the next few months I will be sharing webinar / Video tutorials for Topaz Labs. Each week I plan to watch a video from the Topaz Labs webinar archives or a video from YouTube. Each week I’ll try and share my thoughts and experiences that evolve … [Read more...]

Webinar / Video Tutorial for Topaz Labs – Keeping it Natural

Over the last few months, I have made it a goal to spend more time learning new techniques in photography and image editing. Today I wanted to share with you a great Webinar / Video Tutorial for Topaz Labs. For those that do not know what Topaz … [Read more...]

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