Introduction and Walk Through of Topaz Studio

Are you looking for a simple all-in-one solution for editing your images? Are you looking for an alternative to Adobe Lightroom and  Photoshop? If so, I have a great solution for you. Its from the guys over at Topaz Labs. They have a new product … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: How to Make Your Photos Pop with Lightroom

Have you ever taken a picture that was the perfect layout but the picture is blown out and just doesn’t have that pop you are looking for? If so there’s ways to fix that. If you shoot in RAW then you can recover much of the lost color from the image … [Read more...]

Webinar / Video Tutorial for Topaz Labs – Creative Expressions with Topaz

For the next few months I will be sharing webinar / Video tutorials for Topaz Labs. Each week I plan to watch a video from the Topaz Labs webinar archives or a video from YouTube. Each week I’ll try and share my thoughts and experiences that evolve … [Read more...]

Webinar / Video Tutorial for Topaz Labs – Tell Your Visual Story with Topaz Labs pt 2

As I mentioned last week, I have made it a goal to spend more time learning new techniques in photography and image editing. Today I wanted to share with you another a great Webinar / Video Tutorial for Topaz Labs. For those that do not know what … [Read more...]

Topaz Labs’ Free January 2017 Webinar Series

One of my favorite post production tools comes in the form of a plugin for Lightroom and photoshop is from Topaz Labs. I’m actually a big fan of their entire suite. Some tools I use more than others but I love working with all of them. They help … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Topaz Texture Effects

Have you ever wondered how to add that textured effect to image. Maybe you want that grunge look or maybe add a dreamy texture effect to personal an important image in your life? There several different ways to do it. You can add those effects … [Read more...]

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is now available for iPad

Just a few days ago Adobe announced that you can use Adobe Lightroom Mobile on your iPad. Why Go Mobile with Your Photography? As the needs and usefulness of tablets and smart phones grow, so does the need for better software or software that … [Read more...]

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