Video Tutorial: How to Make Your Photos Pop with Lightroom

Have you ever taken a picture that was the perfect layout but the picture is blown out and just doesn’t have that pop you are looking for? If so there’s ways to fix that. If you shoot in RAW then you can recover much of the lost color from the image and  make it pop. To make your images pop you need to edit your images with software such as Lightroom or Photoshop to make those changes. In order to make those changes and have them look good you need to have the tools and the knowledge to do it. You can use plugins such as TopazLabs and Google Nik to help get you started or you can use only Lightroom to edit your work. Today I have a video tutorial from Johnny @ 3 colors that I want to share with everyone. The video tutorial is 3 Ways to Make Your Photos Pop with Lightroom.

3 Ways To Make Your Images Pop with Lightroom

The video is just over 13 minutes and Johnny takes a blown out image that is so over exposed that the sky is white. During his video he takes us through his process using a mixture of his favorite presets he setup as part of his process for image editing. This is a great video that shows just how powerful Lightroom can be.

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