How To Make A Safety Tether For Your Camera

Have you had a time when you are on a shoot or even just carrying your gear on a budget strap and it just “fell” to the ground? It doesn’t matter if you dropped it or your cheap strap fell apart when you needed it most, it still hurts to see that … [Read more...]

How to Build A Light Box

Are you looking for a way to take pictures of small items and look professional, maybe you’re a professional seller on eBay, or a blogger looking for a better way to display smaller items you photograph for the blog? If so you need a photographer’s … [Read more...]

Add USB Power to Your Wall Outlets

In the last few years, USB powered devices have become more popular that everything from mp3 players to iPhones can be charged by USB chargers.  In our house, almost every wall socket in our bedroom and office has some sort of device sitting on a … [Read more...]

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