Photography Services

As I mentioned before, I have worked as portrait photographer and still do sits from time-to-time but I prefer landscape, architecture, rural, abandoned, farm/ranch, transportation, street, and real estate photography.

My photography services include all of the above services accept for portrait services. If you are need of a portrait, wedding, bridal photographer, I can help you find one. I know of several in the North Dallas area that can create that perfect portrait style image for you.

Real Estate Photography and Image Processing

Are you a real estate agent, listing agent, or just doing the occasional listing as they come to you? If so, how’s your listings doing? Are you getting feed back from the sellers, potential buyers, and are people even calling about your listings?

If you are getting negative feedback or lack of traffic to your listings, it might be the quality of your images. Believe it or not, exterior shots of the listing, large area interior shots of a large living area, or every shoot taken is vertical and shot with your phone’s camera isn’t doing anything to help your images. With today’s internet savvy home buyers, they are not only looking at the description of the property, the area where its listed, they are also looking at what the place looks like. Poor quality images of your listings can effect effectiveness of your online listings. There are some out of state buyers that might be buying without looking at the property. If you have low quality pictures, it will take longer to find the right buyer.

If you are in need of quality images taken with a good camera and eye for details, you’ve come to the right place. If you are a North Texas Realtor, I can help you out. I can come out to the property and take pictures of the exterior features of the property and go inside and take interior shots as well. I can then take those images back to my lab and edit them to make them look their best. I will not alter the images (remove or add features to the images ) or add HDR effects to them. All images will be full of detail and color but will still have that natural look. Once completed, I will forward you up 24 web ready images via email or you can download them from my servers.

If you have the eye for photography and a good camera you use to photograph the properties, I can always edit the images (tweak them) to correct for color issues, crop images, and sharpen the images in just few hours.

Currently I do not do fly overs with drones, video tours, or virtual image tours.

Rural Farms and Ranch Photography

Abandoned Farm House near Eddy, Texas

What can I say, I love rural Texas and the farms and ranches rural Texas supports. I love finding those back roads and exploring them in search of that perfect landscape or abandoned farm house shot.

If you have a farm/ranch or you need the family/property history documented, I can help you with that. I will drive out to your property and depending on the size, spend a few hours or more taking pictures of the house, barns, live stock, fields, family, and that old family farm house that was abandoned years ago. Yes even an abandoned farm house can have meaning to a family, it could have been the place where your grandparents were born, it could have been a historical site full of history that needs to be photographed and documented before it loses its battle with nature.

Architecture and Landscape Photography

Are you a new home builder, interior designer, and landscape designer needing professional images of your work? I can help you capture your work so you can display them and share them with your potential clients.

Vehicle Photography

 1960 – 1964 Ford Galaxie Sunliner

If you have a hot rod, show car, rat rod, or just a cool vehicle you want photographed, I can do that. We can pick out a great natural or urban background to shoot your vehicle.

Vintage Film Digitization and Archival Services

Have a collection of vintage pictures that are fading and falling apart? You have old black and whites pictures of your grandparents? Maybe old historical pictures that need to be saved for future generations?

I can take those old images either by negatives or take the old images on photo paper and digitize them for you. I can digitize them and leave them in a raw file format so you can edit them or I can go in and try and do some repairs.This includes fixing minor tears in the background, removing minor damages to portrait poses, and color correction to try and bring life back into those old and fading pictures. Personally, I like the fading and aged look of the photos. If the subject isn’t damaged, it should be left alone.


I do not do weddings and similar types of events right now. I can shoot mud runs, charity events, car shows and more.

Historical Sites

Longwood Plantation - Natchez, MS

Do you run a historical site, own a historical property, part of a county/city historical society and need photography work? Do you need research and documentation help with a particular historical property? Are you are restoring an old building or house and want to document it before renovation, during the renovation process, after completion documentation of the location?

I love photographing these types of locations and will work with you on the cost of photographing these old places. Even if your budget is zero and you need the property documented, please contact me. We can work something out.

Make sure to check out out my temporary portfolio and If you are in need photography services please use the contact field below to tell me what you are in need of.

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