How to Remove Chromatic Aberration Using Lightroom

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Chromatic aberration can be seen in digital images as “fringes” of color along the boundaries of objects in your images. Typically you will see a slight purple along the edges of the objects. This could be a slight purple color that blurs the edges or it be a worse that. This happens when a lens fails to focus all the colors in the images.

If you happen to find this in your images. Your in luck, there is a way to fix chromatic aberration. To learn more check out the wiki page. It has a more detailed description then this article does.

How to Remove Chromatic Aberration

Removing chromatic aberration is easy if you have access to Adobe Lightroom. In the developer’s module there is a section called lens correction. Inside this module there is a check box called Chromatic Aberration. If you check that box, Lightroom removes it for you. Sometimes Lightroom can’t remove it all automatically. If this happens you can use the manual sliders to fix it.

To show you how to fix this issue I had planned to create a short tutorial walk through on how to fix it. I just needed to wait until I had a good image example to use. Since I don’t have an image ready for the walk through and Johnny over at 3 colors has a video that explains what Chromatic Aberration is and how to remove it using Lightroom; I’ll just share his video. This is a short 8 minute video that goes into detail on how to remove fringing using light room and its manual settings.  If you like his tutorials, make sure to sign up for his video podcasts or subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

Before seeing Johnny’s video I didn’t really understand what chromatic aberration. I just knew the check box in Lightroom corrected this annoying this issue. His video inspired me to learn more and understand what chromatic aberration is.

Between Lightroom and Photoshop, you can fix almost anything if you know how the tools work.


Image Source: Wiki Commons – Public Domain

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