Random Picture of the Week #4: Rusty Old Pipe

For this week’s random picture, I decided to take some pictures around our family farm and some exploring since I really haven’t had much time visit much over the last few years. And when I do have time to visit, its usually a short visit to spend … [Read more...]

The Abandoned Castle Pinckney in Charleston Harbor, Charleston, South Carolina

Castle Pinckney is located on Shutes Folley Island in Charleston Harbor, Charleston South Carolina. Originally named Fort Pinkey when General George Washington saw that the island was strategically placed and ordered a fort be built on the … [Read more...]

Random Picture of the Week #3: The Celebration

This week’s random image is from a wedding celebration I attended for a close friend of mine a few years back. Since I was part of the wedding party I was given access to the groom’s dressing room. The dressing room came with a fruit tray and … [Read more...]

Random Picture of the Week #2 The Baker Hotel

This week’s random image was taken on a road trip to Mineral Wells, Texas back in June 2013. My wife and I took a road trip from Anna, Texas to Mineral Wells, Texas to visit the abandoned Baker Hotel.  I finally finished processing the images and … [Read more...]

Random Image of the Week

I’ve always wanted to do a random image of the week articles from images from my library. Back in 2013 I started posting random images to the my photoblog as a weekly random image. Then back in May of this year I stop posting to that site. After some … [Read more...]

The Rocky Springs Methodist Church in Rocky Springs Mississippi

  The Rocky Springs Methodist Church in Rocky Springs, Mississippi is the only building still standing in the ghost town. The church is currently owned and maintained by the Friends of Rocky Springs Church Inc. History of Rocky Springs … [Read more...]

The Ghost Town of Rocky Springs, Mississippi

The small town of Rocky Springs, Mississippi is a ghost town with nothing more than a walking path around what was once the town with a few old safes, cisterns, plaques were buildings may have once stood. The only building left in town is the Rocky … [Read more...]

QuickTip: How To Speed Up Your Old Notebook Computer

In the past I spent most of my working hours on my old desktop in the office. But lately I have setup shop in the living room so I can process images while spending time with the family. After switching to my old HP notebook I noticed how dated it … [Read more...]

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that crosses the Cooper River and connects downtown Charleston, South Carolina to Mount Pleasant. This eight lane bridge is on U.S. Route 17 and was opened in 2005 was designed to replace the old … [Read more...]

Limited Time 40% Discount Topaz Photography Bundle!

Are you interested boosting the quality of the processed images to create? Have you heard of Topaz Labs” and their Topaz Photography Bundle? If so you may have noticed the price tag on this product. If so, tiy may be waiting for one of the Black … [Read more...]