The Abandoned Santa Fe Rail Depot in Hamlin, Texas


While driving into Hamlin on HWY-83 from Anson you will find a small rectangular building at the edge of town. Looking at it you might think its just another abandoned building in a small West Texas town. But this one is different. Its actually an … [Read more...]

Two abandoned Farm Houses and Old Ford Econline Motor Home Near West Sinton, Texas


While driving back from Corpus Christi I came across an old farm house and a 1970ish Ford Econoline Motor Home abandoned off an old farm road near West Sinton. Next door looks to be another farm house or maybe storage building. Two abandoned … [Read more...]

The Abandoned Benton City Institute


The abandoned Benton City Institute was considered an important part of the early education in the area. The building was built in 1875 and was established in 1876 and was called the Benton City Normal Institute. The institution operated under the … [Read more...]

The Hewitt House – Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 & 2006 Movie Remakes


This creepy plantation house is the house used in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 & 2006 movies and its located in Granger, Texas. The Hewitt House - Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 & 2006 Plantation House Originally this once beautiful … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House in Eddy, Texas


For over ten years I have made the drive from Dallas, Texas to San Antonio. During my years in college I made the drive down to San Antonio almost every weekend and holiday I could to visit my wife (girlfriend at the time) at Trinity University. I … [Read more...]

The Waggoner Mansion in Decatur, Texas


The Waggoner Mansion or El Castille as its often called was built and owned by the Waggoner family from 1883 until 1942. The mansion was mostly vacant from 1922 to 1942 when the Luker family purchased the place. The family continues to live/own the … [Read more...]

The Old Stone Prison in Decatur, Texas


The Old Stone Prison in Decatur, Texas is the first stone house in town. The house was built in 1859 by prison labor. The main house was the residence of the sheriff or deputy. The small three cell jail was in the basement with the meals being … [Read more...]

Triple DDD Motel and DDD Café in Wichita Falls, Texas (Closed)

The Long Time Abandoned Triple DDD Motel in Wichita Falls

The Long Time Abandoned Triple DDD Motel in Wichita Falls, Texas The Triple DDD Motel in Wichita Falls, Texas  off old HWY-287 has been closed for years. The current owners have abandoned most of the buildings and used the rest for storage. For … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Highly Rated DSLR Cameras on Amazon


Are you in the market for a new DSLR camera? If so, having trouble deciding on what DSLR to purchase? Are you trying to figuring out which DLSRs are good ones and which ones to stay away?  When I was researching my latest camera purchase, I used a … [Read more...]

Abandoned Pink Farm House on FM 677 South of Illinois Bend, Texas


On my last trip to Oklahoma I decided to decided visit Spanish Fort, Texas then head up through central Oklahoma taking back roads for a good part of my trip up to Oklahoma City. Last week I posted about a small farm house I found off FM 677 and FM … [Read more...]