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about meI am a WordPress / SEO / IT consultant and amateur photographer from Dallas, Texas who loves technology and the internet. If I am not working on a web project, you can find me working in the garden or restoring my old truck. I have been interested in web design for almost ten years. After taking an intro to web design class as a required course for one of my tech degrees, I was hooked. Since then, I have been playing with HTML and CSS mostly as a hobby for almost five years. About two years ago I decided I wanted to learn more about web design and I started taking more classes. I now run Evolutionary Designs as way to learn more about online marketing and share more about new media.

I started working with web design almost ten years ago mostly as a hobby. Then about about four years ago I realized how much I enjoyed web design and I decided to make a career change. So I went back to school only taking a few classes here and there so I could keep working. About two years ago my technical research position was restructured and I was laid-off. After the lay off and spending several months looking for jobs and couldn’t find any, I took up a job as the Director of Sales and Web Design for a small company where I did everything from marketing to hiring contractors to complete design projects I did not have the knowledge to complete or just needed some extra help on a large project. This job was perfect for me. The owner pretty much told do what I wanted, work as much as you want or work little as you want. So I took this opportunity to spend more time at school, I took up a part time job and started out with one or two web clients.

Then in December of 2010, I decided it was time to take Evolutionary Designs to the next level with offering consulting services for WordPress, SEO, social media, and other new media services. I am currently going to school to finish up a degree in web design. While in school, I am working in the telecom industry and offering consulting services.


I have a degree in corporate training specializing in technology and new media. I have worked as a research analyst and in IT/customer support. My specialties include technical research, web design, photo retouching, WordPress, SEO. social media, basic video editing with Final Cut and After Effects. I have over ten years of experience working on and supporting computer hardware and software. I also have two years of experience working in a NOC environment. My skills include software/hardware troubleshooting, support/data recovery for Microsoft Office, virus removal, system monitoring, and research analysis.

Freelance and documentary photographer

One of my hobbies is photography and its my favorite thing to do  (even more than design/technology). I have worked as portrait photographer and still do sits from time-to-time but I prefer landscape, architecture, rural, abandoned, farm/ranch, transportation, street photography, and real estate photography. Check out out my temporary portfolio. If you need photography services please contact me.

Urbex and Rural America

I love almost every field of photography, but my favorite shooting style is Urbex and Rural documentary. I love to explore/shoot old abandoned structures, warehouses, or old farm houses that haven’t had a human resident in decades. Then after shooting those places research those places and document their history if I can. abandoned klutts family farm house

Currently, I am documenting rural/small town Texas (sometimes referred to as Vanishing Texas). When I can get two or three days off in a row, I will pick an area that is no more than two hours away and drive the back roads to get there. As I drive, I am looking for buildings, cool signs, and abandoned vehicles worth shooting. These trips usually take all day. Then if I can, I will pick a new destination and do it the next day.


I also love shooting vehicles running or not. I love going to car shows and getting up close and personal with these beauties and not have to worry about the owners wondering what I am doing.Lotus - Nerf Me

Then again, I also like shooting old relics of the past that have been left to rot in some lost and forgotten field. If you stop and look, there is beauty in decay.  Abandoned 1950 Nash Airflyte

Vintage Cameras

I am now just getting back into film photography. Yes, I still have and use my old SLR cameras. I haven’t used them in a few years, but I still have them and have plans of dusting them off one day and start using them. SLR Film Cameras

But what I really like is collecting vintage cameras and using them in some of my shoots. Sometimes I want to use them to get a vintage feel from them or I might want to pic up a Russian toy camera to shoot some fun lomography style shots.

As for my collection, I already have around twenty cameras with a few working cameras and few that need to be worked on to get them back into working order. Both my wife and I love these old cameras, so I display my favorites on the wall right over our flat screen. Vintage Camera Collection


Some of my hobbies include graphic design, photography, and technology. But I spend most of my free time working on Evolutionary Designs/James Johnston.Info and doing freelance work as an SEO and Social Media consulting along with a few ghost writing gigs

When I am not working on my sites and I am out and about, you can usually find me with a camera in my hand shooting something, working my truck, or out in the organic garden.

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