Request a Product Review

I love reviewing products and services and will be happy to review your product or service. Even if your marketing budget is limited or even zero, please use the “Contact Me” form to ask about my review of services.

Benefits of Having Your Products Reviewed

When I review your products or services, you will have the benefit of having the photography related readers, tech gadget readers, and those that enjoy reading about historical locations learn about how great your products and services. This could be a new group of potential customers for you!

With each review, you get a personal non-bias review that is tested for personal use and not tested in the lab. Those reviews are expensive, boring for most readers, and oversold for some readers. Many readers want that real life test and want to know how your products work in the real world and not in a lab.

Each review will be shared to my social media network. Several tweets will go out every few days for a week.

I can create a shorten version (a summery of the review) and post it with images to Amazon if its listed on the site.

The review will have at least one link to whatever sales page you want (must be a Google Safe Link). If there’s a manufacture page, the article will mention the main page and then a link to the product page as well (unless you request it not be listed)

Pricing for a Review

My review prices vary (depends on if have to keep the product or send it back) and I must have a full licensed copy of your product to use (I do not review products or services unless I have had at least a week (prefer 2 weeks or longer) to test it)a beta copy, or a prelease copy. Another week to write about it. Please contact me for complete details.

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