Abandoned Farm Hand Farm House in West Texas

After a late afternoon explore I found this abandoned farm hand farm house in West Texas. Its a very old farm house that is split into four separated room living area with what looks like doors to access the other rooms were added later. It was was … [Read more...]

Abandoned West Texas Farm House Sitting in a Recently Plowed Field

A few years ago I spent a week in the Abilene area on business. During my time off I had time to explore the surrounding areas. During one my late afternoon trips I came across a large west Texas abandoned farm house sitting in a recently plowed … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House and GMC Truck sitting on Blocks

Whenever I’m out exploring the back roads of Texas I like to keep an eye out for interesting sites along with old farm houses, barns, and vehicles. A few years ago a made a trip out to the Abilene area for business reasons. During my week I took … [Read more...]

Random Picture of the Week #15: Abandoned Farm House Near Italy, Texas

This week’s random picture is of a abandoned gutted abandoned farm house near Italy, Texas I spotted off Interstate 35,but never could figure out how to get to it (should have pulled it up  on the Google Maps. Originally posted on March 4th, … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House Just North of Itasca, Texas

About a year ago I was working in Italy, Texas for a week and on my way back to Dallas, Texas on the last day of work I did some rural exploring. Since I knew of several old farm houses in the area but never had the time to stop and check them out, I … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas

On one my road trips to explore Fort Phantom Hill I came across a small abandoned farm house near Abilene, Texas. Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas This little farm house is old. At some point, the family living here grew large enough … [Read more...]

Abandoned Two Story Farm House East of Windom, Texas

During my East Texas Road Trip down HWY 56 from Sherman, Texas to Honey Grove, Texas I came across a handful of abandoned farm houses such as the house in Ector, Texas. But one farm house in particular caught my attention and that was a two story … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House East of Ector, Texas

On one of my after work road trips I decided to explore east of HWY 56 from Sherman, Texas as far I could drive in two hours. I decided to stop every abandoned house/building (worth stopping at), small town downtown square, and abandoned … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House South of Stamford, Texas

During my West Texas business trip I had the chance to explore Stamford, Texas. On my way up to Stamford, I came across an abandoned farm house south of Stamford, Texas. Abandoned Farm House South of Stamford, Texas Heading north from Anson, … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House Near Hamlin, Texas

Back in November 2014 I was up in the Abilene area for work. During that time, I was able to get some exploring done up near Anson, Texas. One of my trips was to Hamlin, Texas a small town near Anson and surrounding areas to  run down a few leads. … [Read more...]

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