Random Picture of the Week #60: Monterey Motel in Chouteau, Oklahoma

This week’s random image is from a business trip to Mexico, Missouri and the drive took me through to a small town in Oklahoma. In that town I came across an old vintage hotel sign. The location is the Monterey Motel in Chouteau, Oklahoma This … [Read more...]

Antelope and Buffalo Springs Trail – Chickasaw National Recreation, Sulfur, Oklahoma

Antelope and Buffalo Springs Trail is a popular trail at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area and is 1.9 miles round trip. The trail head is just past the Travertine Nature Center if you parked by the nature center. The main trail is a gravel … [Read more...]

Abandoned Cars in Oklahoma

I love old cars and I love photographing them. Over the years I found that I love photographing abandoned cars left to the elements in pastures, barns, and other places as well. Some of time it gets me thinking why was it left behind? At other times … [Read more...]

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