Add USB Power to Your Wall Outlets

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In the last few years, USB powered devices have become more popular that everything from mp3 players to iPhones can be charged by USB chargers.  In our house, almost every wall socket in our bedroom and office has some sort of device sitting on a charger. Because of this, we could always use one more socket. I realized that a lot of electronic could be charged or powered by powered USB and that would free some of the sockets or at least get rid of those nasty black boxes sticking out of the wall.  Add USB Power to Your Wall Outlets

My first thought was, that I didn’t want to put that much strain on my computers. I then I remembered that they make Wall socket chargers that have ports for USB charging devices.  I thought there might be some way to add the USB sockets right to the power outlets in our wall.

With that thought in mind, I decided to see if there was already a product on the market that had these features. While searching I came across this great how-article on Apartment Therapy. That article was about how you can upgrade your wall outlet so it will have USB functionality. Not only does it show where to get the outlets, it shows you how you can install it. Image Source: From article.

Check out the article! How To: Upgrade a Wall Outlet to USB Functionality

If messing with the electrical system in your house is more than what you want to deal with, the article also mentions a device that you plugin into your regular socket and it turns one of the ports into USB sockets.

USB Wall Plate Charger

Image source: USB wall plate charger

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