Adobe Lightroom Mobile is now available for iPad

Just a few days ago Adobe announced that you can use Adobe Lightroom Mobile on your iPad.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is now available for iPad

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is now available for iPad

Why Go Mobile with Your Photography?

As the needs and usefulness of tablets and smart phones grow, so does the need for better software or software that will adapt to the user’s needs. This is no different for the travel photographer or even those that just like to view and edit their images on the road.

In the past, most photographers would spend their day out shooting the world. Then at night, they will be back at their hotel or have to wait to get home to view and process their images.

This meant they not only had to lug around their heavy and expensive camera gear, they hey would have to carry their notebook as well.. Some may have even carried their small notebooks in their camera bags.

For me, I just tossed the notebook in the trunk of the car until I was finishing shooting the area. If I was planning on being on site for a while, I would upload the images to the computer and look them over. If they were not what I was looking for, I would re-shoot the area.

For those times, when I couldn’t look over the images, I would look for a place to eat with WIFI and use my travel breaks to look over the images and even edit them.

Why Adobe Lightroom Mobile on Your iPad?

With all the new cameras with WIFI or Bluetooth, why not edit your images on your iPad. I know with the Sony NEX-6L/B  camera you use apps to send images your iPad/Android tablets so can view them and edit them. You could even use a Photoshop lite app to help with those edits.

What Can Adobe Lightroom on Your iPad Do?

Although you could edit your images on the iPad you couldn’t use Lightroom to make those edits until now. Now you can edit and organize images, enhance smartphone images to raw images straight from your DSLR camera. All with using those powerful tools that we know love that comes with Adobe Lightroom.

In addition to those great features, you can also automatically sync all your mobile edits with your copy of Adobe Lightroom 5 on your desktop/notebook.

Do you like to share your images on the go with your social media networks? Adobe Lightroom Mobil has you covered. It will easily share images to social media sites. Just tell it were to send them!

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