Abandoned Farm House in Eddy, Texas

For over ten years I have made the drive from Dallas, Texas to San Antonio. During my years in college I made the drive down to San Antonio almost every weekend and holiday I could to visit my wife (girlfriend at the time) at Trinity University. I must of made the trip over a hundred times and then every couple of years for personal reasons or business.

During the early years, I didn’t pay much attention to the abandonments along the way. Then I made the trip a few years ago and noticed a run down old farm house just south of Eddy, Texas off I-35. I wasn’t sure if it was abandoned or not. You never know with these old farm houses. Sometimes people live in house that look abandoned or even condemned.

Abandoned Farm House near Eddy, Texas

Abandoned Farm House in Eddy, Texas

At the time, it was late and I didn’t have my camera gear or the right clothes, boots, and flash light to investigate further. So I noted the house and figured I would check it out the next time I passed by.


Then last year, I drove to Austin on business and planned to stop by the house to see its condition. When I got to Eddy, Texas, there was interstate construction near by and the exit was removed. I also noticed the house was collapsing on itself.


At that point, I decided to spend my time at another location and save this one for when the weather was cooler and less likely find snakes hiding out in the grass surrounding the place.

The Abandoned Farm House in Eddy, Texas – Current Condition

Just a few weeks ago, work called and told me that I was working in the deep South Texas area. So I made arrangements to stop at the old abandoned farm house in Eddy, Texas.


When I finally figured out how to get to the house, I noticed the house was in danger of total collapse and will be demolished by the land owner or the city/county at some point. The floors are almost to rotten to walk on in some spots and the stairs are unstable. The second floor is only accessible by those same dangerous stairs. Then again you can see the second floor through the ceiling of the first floor… Not a good idea to go inside.




If you know anything about this old house or someone to contact, I would love to add the history to this article or the Vanishing Texas Site that I am working on… Please contact me!


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About the Images

The images were shot by hand with my Sony Nex-3N and a Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8. I then edited the images in Adobe Lightroom. Next, I post processed them with Topaz Clarity to add texture, brighten, and bring out the details in the image. Then I removed the dust spots. Finally, I used Topaz DeNoise to remove the noise from the image.

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  1. Kasi Broadman says:

    I actually had some of my senior pictures taken here. The photographer and I walked around the entire property. Out behind the house is an old barn. There were old bank statements and other mail all over the ground. If you head out there again sometime you might want to look out in the old barn/stable area. It was so cool looking at all of it. I wish you luck!

  2. Thank You James for what you are doing. You have some great pictures on your website!!! Keep pressing forward!!!

  3. I grew up in Bruceville-Eddy and spent years driving by that house. I am 45 now and watched the house just fall apart over the years. It was sad because it was a beautiful house. There have always been rumors that there is an underground tunnel and the house was used to help slaves escape. I don’t know if that is true or not. My mom grew up in Eddy and Moody. I don’t know if she knows any more than that about it though. I always wished someone would have restored it. I think it’s a little late for that now. Thanks for sharing the photo’s.

  4. Rita Cook Tucker says:

    Enjoyed the pictures of the old house. The house belonged to my grandparents, the Isom family. My grandmother was born in that house 115 years ago.

  5. Martha Barron says:

    my mother grew up in Eddy and I lived there for many years. I use to play in that old abandon house when I was at granny’s house. I have been inside of it several times. The house has been abandon over 50 years. However if you would like to know more about the old house might I suggest you contact bug eye Johnson or the hargroves. They have been around forever. You may even be able to contact many of these folks through the church next to the post office. Miracles grocery store and the post office is right behind it. My grandparents are the James Henry and Lucille Lay they had the old gray house in front of the new post office until there passing. The old timers that are still around The Johnson, Hargroves,Morgan,Miracles are probably your best bet. Fir the history on this house.

  6. Clydean Harper says:

    I live in eddy area forever dont know anything about house but breaks my heart to see big ole houses just falling down there is one going towards moody right out of eddy that used to b a stage coach stop that i tried to get “This Old House” to look st and try to save as a historcial psrt of texas but didnt even get a reply and they were working in austin at the time

  7. This house has been there on that little County Road in this condition since I was born. I’m now 38. My grandparents used to live down at the end of that road and as a child we used to walk down the road and drive past it all the time. I don’t ever remember anyone living there. I’m not sure that Falls County MCAD would have anything on it for the property either.

  8. Owned by a family that owned many acres around it. Farmed it for many years. Interstate took some early and more this time. Grandson has it now. Sold off some of it over the years. About 3 acres left.

  9. Kristin Mathews says:

    Per some friends who lived in Eddy in the 1990s, they think a man Mr. Cast owned that house and a lot of other land in Eddy at that time. House was empty even then.

  10. Daniel Sager says:

    I used to have Christmas dinner in this house.

  11. Joanna Adcock says:

    Hi James,
    I shared this on my facebook page and it turns out that this house used to belong to my mothers aunt. I am going to talk to her after work to get more information.

  12. Don’t know any details, but it was always rumored growing up it was haunted. We had also heard there was a tunnel for helping slaves escape, but we never found one as kids. It was also rumored that it was a slave plantation…but again that’s never been verified.

  13. My family owns that house. People have stolen and torn it up! It is terrible what people will do to an empty house!

    • Daniel Sager says:

      When I was young great Aunt and Uncle
      Jane and Harv lived there
      I’m sure that they rented it.
      As far as I know they were the last ones that actually lived there.
      The house should have been revived as a historical site as it was the stage stop between Waco and Belton from what they said.

  14. Not correct! We still own all the land around it! Cast never owned it!

  15. My family has owned that farm for over 60 years. The house will be torn down this week.

  16. We own this farm.

  17. Frank Novosad

    Kathy is correct, Her family has owned that property including the house and barn and surrounding land for over 60 years. No one has lived in that house for over 35 years. Due to the disrepair and unsafe condition of the house, the City of Eddy has asked us to tear it down. Over the last few months we have been repurposing some of the wood, siding, trim etc. to artists and homeowners throughout the state. I hate to see the old house go.

    • Daniel Sager says:

      Sounds about right.
      It has been about that long since Jane lived there.I was around 14 at the time.
      I’m 52 now.

  18. Rocky Bridges says:

    Update on this old farm house: It is now on the ground as of Wed., Feb. 4th. I work nearby and folks have been picking it apart of old boards for a few weeks now and as I drove by this morning it has been demolished. I assume they will be clearing the debris soon.

    • Thanks for the update Rocky. I was on my down to Eddy to follow up on a few leads and contacts when I saw your comment. I knew they were bulldozing the old house today and had hope to get down just before they started. When I got there all that was left was the old barn and some livestock pens so I drove around town for a little while

      Within about 30 mins, the barn was torn down as well. As I passed by, it looked like they used a skid steer to push the buildings over. It make quick work of those old buildings.
      James recently posted..Abandoned Farm House Near Decatur, TexasMy Profile


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