Abandoned Farm House South of Stamford, Texas

During my West Texas business trip I had the chance to explore Stamford, Texas. On my way up to Stamford, I came across an abandoned farm house south of Stamford, Texas. Abandoned Farm House South of Stamford, Texas Heading north from Anson, … [Read more...]

Grain Elevators and Grain Silos Near Frost, Texas

Last December I spent the day exploring HWY 22 from Blooming Grove, Texas to Hillsboro, Texas. The images are from of a set of private and unknown installation of grain elevators and grain silos near Frost, Texas. Grain Elevators and Grain Silos … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House Near Hamlin, Texas

Back in November 2014 I was up in the Abilene area for work. During that time, I was able to get some exploring done up near Anson, Texas. One of my trips was to Hamlin, Texas a small town near Anson and surrounding areas to  run down a few leads. … [Read more...]

Abandoned Windmill near Ferris, Texas

On a Recent trip to Blooming Grove, Texas I decided to explore some back roads in a few towns off HWY 45. I ended up reshooting an old abandoned Windmill near Ferris, Texas. The Abandoned Windmill near Ferris, Texas While out exploring the area … [Read more...]

Fairview Cemetery and Church in Tuxedo, Texas

Fairview Cemetery and Church in Tuxedo, Texas was founded in 1890 when John Page Free was buried in December 1890. There are over a 1000 interments with a few being laid to rest in the last fifteen years. Currently the cemetery and church is … [Read more...]

Two abandoned Farm Houses and Old Ford Econline Motor Home Near West Sinton, Texas

While driving back from Corpus Christi I came across an old farm house and a 1970ish Ford Econoline Motor Home abandoned off an old farm road near West Sinton. Next door looks to be another farm house or maybe storage building. Two abandoned … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House in Eddy, Texas

For over ten years I have made the drive from Dallas, Texas to San Antonio. During my years in college I made the drive down to San Antonio almost every weekend and holiday I could to visit my wife (girlfriend at the time) at Trinity University. I … [Read more...]

The Waggoner Mansion in Decatur, Texas

The Waggoner Mansion or El Castille as its often called was built and owned by the Waggoner family from 1883 until 1942. The mansion was mostly vacant from 1922 to 1942 when the Luker family purchased the place. The family continues to live/own the … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House Near FM 677 and FM 373 N

On one of my trips to Oklahoma City I decided to take a detour a little farther west on HWY-82 than I normally do. I mapped out a small road trip to the historic small town of Spanish Fort, Texas and then up through the back roads of rural Oklahoma … [Read more...]

Abandoned Building Near Gunter, Texas

Almost two months ago I had to run up to Denton to get some more transcripts from UNT for a job prospect.  Afterwards, I did a little exploring off 287. I took it as far as Sherman. I found several places worth stopping and several old farm roads … [Read more...]

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