The Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells, Texas

Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells operated from 1931-1956 but, I think the building may be older than that. It was considered a clinic and opened shortly after the Crazy Hotel opened its doors in 1927.

Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells

The Holy Sisters of Nazareth purchased the building for $135,000 (about $2,011,090 today) and moved into the top floor of the 46-room building to serve the patients. The building was closed in the late 1960s. I’ve been told that people were being born as late as 1968. But the clinic itself was temporarily housed in the Crazy Hotel until 2009. Then it was moved to its new building.

Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells

In the late 1980s through the most of the 1990s the Nazareth housed the Palo Pinto County Service Corporation that included Head Start, JTPA, Emergency Food Program, Civil Service, Social Security, and the Family Planning Center.

Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells

I think this history is a bit lacking but I can’t find much information about the building. There isn’t much information about the building’s later years and several sites have incorrect information as to when the hospital closed.

Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells Current State

I spent some time wondering around the exterior of the building and it looks in pretty good shape but from what a couple of local police officers told me, the interior is rough shape including a fire that damaged a good part of the basement and animal/human feces throughout the building.

On my second trip to Mineral Wells to visit the Nazareth Hospital the basement door was wide open. Although I was tempted to go in, I just took a few shots from the door way. As you can see just from the entrance, its bad. You can see the trash piled up, the old computers that were left behind when the last residents moved out, you can see the fire damage, and the water damage from when the fire was put out. I am curious to see how well the upper levels are holding up.

Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells

Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells

Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells

Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells

When you peak through the front door windows, you can see where people got up from what they were doing and left their coffee on the table. If the building has been vacant since the 1990s, then it’s amazing that the coffee and office equipment the front offices are still there after all those years.

Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells

Old Abandoned Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells

As I mentioned before, I am still researching the history of the old Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells and will continued to look into its history. If anyone knows more about the history, who to contact, or even a chance to get a tour and document the current status of the hospital, please contact me.

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  1. Ray Dorsett says:

    I was born in this hospital in 1943. Would like to have old classic pictures from the times when it was operational. Any ideas?

    Ray Dorsett

  2. Victor Wadsworth says:

    Had my tonsils removed here in 1965, both sister born here in early 60’s.

  3. Matthew fishburn says:

    My father deceased know was born in that hospital on September 10, 1943.

    • Victor Wadsworth says:

      I just went around the old hospital yesterday taking a few pictures of it and the Norwood Hospital. I was looking at the old smoke stack in the building behind the Nazareth. I’m thinking it was to burn hazardous waste from the hospital.
      I’m looking for the Little Red School house if anyone knows where they moved it. If you feel like it, check out my Google Collection’s I’m working on;

  4. John Martinez says:

    I was born there in 1945 Feb 14, my dad was stationed at the army base, DAD was the Generals driver,general was a sargent.

  5. TINA CUSHMAN says:

    I would be interested in knowing more about this hospital. My sister was born here in 1955. I am needing to find information about births/deaths in 1955. Where was this hospital located in Mineral Wells? My grandparents were from Mineral Wells and am trying to find out info. If you have any leads, as to where I might start to get these old records, could you please contact me.

    • I would also like to know. My husband was born in 1953 and was adopted to a couple living in Mineral Wells. He was told the birth records burned in a fire many years ago. He was trying to identify his birth parents.

    • Victor Wadsworth says:

      It’s down the road from the Old Grand Theater & Crazy Hotel near the canal. I lived just a few blocks further down the road in 1969. I have quite a few pictures in my my Google Plus Mineral Wells Then & Now album Collection; I also have another Mineral Wells High School Collection you might be interested in;

      A previous hospital “The Norwood” still stands & is in better shape a few blocks North East of the Nazareth Hospital. I’m 58 & born at Fort Wolter’s base hospital, if your sister went to Mineral Wells High School I might know her.

  6. Delores Ramsey says:

    i was born there June 5,1964 and my brother was born there December 19,1965

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