The Baker Hotel May Have a New Lease on Life

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From 1929 through 1963, visitors from all walks life came to the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas for its healing treatments and luxury accommodations. This once beautiful building towered over the city of Mineral Wells in all its glory and brought in money throughout the Great Depression and World War II. After the War and the Fort Walters closure, visitors to Mineral Wells declined. In 1972, the hotel closed its doors for the last time.

The Abandoned Baker Hotel Image source: Wiki Commons

The Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel still stands proud, just a little worn with age and neglect. Even after its closure, the building still attracts visitors just wanting to get a chance to see and possibly tour its remains. But the building is usually locked down tight and the locals are quick to remove squatters, homeless, teenagers, thrill seekers, and even urbex photographers out to document this beautiful building.

Over the years, several investors have invested in a dream the same dream that many people in town and across the country. And that is to see the Baker Hotel restored so everyone can see it as it once was. But each time, the dream was lost due to the capital that couldn’t be raised.

Good News For the Baker Hotel

Then six years ago Southlake businessman Laird Fairchild of Hunter Chase of Capital Partners had a plan to restore the Baker Hotel back to its former glory. In the last six years, he has been working to find the right investors.

Unlike other attempts at restoring the Baker, Mr. Fairchild plans to use federal and state tax credits (recent changes in Texas Legislature) along with other investors to restore the baker as it once once was.

They hope to start the restoration project sometime in the next nine to twelve months.

Images of the Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel has been caching the eye of photographers for decades. It first caught my eye a few years back and I finally made my first trip over a year ago and made another trip back June (ghost tour). Each trip, I find more things to photograph.

If you search the internet you can find images from both the outside and inside of the hotel.

Below are few images taken back in June. I have several hundred images from both trips that I am working on and will eventually post the rest over time.

The Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel - Service Entrance

The Baker Hotel - Interior First Floor

The Baker Hotel - Front Entry Light Post

The Baker Hotel - Moss and other plant growing up the walls

The Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel - Basement Interior

The Baker Hotel - Construction Garbage Shoot

For more images, check out my flickr set. It will have more images from past and present visits to the Baker Hotel. To learn more about the hotel, check out my article on the history of the Baker.

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