The Abandoned Ed Young’s Service Station aka Outlaw Service Station in Glen Rose, Texas

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Nature's Doorway - Ed Young's Service Sation aka Outlaw Service Sation in Glen Rose, Texas

Ed Young’s Service Station in Glen Rose, Texas

Ed Young’s Service Station in Glen Rose, Texas is often called the Outlaw Service Station or just “Sycamore Grove.” It was built in 1928 after Ed Young realized how successful the White Rock Road House was doing.

During the 1920s the Outlaw Service station and road house became an hotspot for illegal alcohol (moonshine) sales and distribution. At  one time it was even a speak easy. At that time it was often referred to as the “Moonshine Capitol of Texas”

After prohibition both the White Rock Road House and Ed Young’s Service Station businesses declined. As business declined, these impressive buildings exchanged hands and were eventually shut down.

I do not know anymore about the Outlaw Service Station, but I have heard it used to be an old grocery store at one time. I would love to know more about this old building. If you know its full history or when the last business went out of business, I want to add that info to the article. If you have any images of this old service station during its prime, I would love to get a copy to add to the article. To pass along more information about the service station, please contact me or use the comment section below. Your help will be sited in the article.

Current Status of the Abandoned Outlaw Service Station in Glen Rose, Texas

As you can see from the pictures, there isn’t much left of the buildings. Its just an overgrown petrified wood stone building gutted by time and nature. There are several groups that have called for a preservation of this old historical building and others like it.

About the Images

The images were shot by hand during the late overcast afternoon using natural light with my Sony Nex-3N and a Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 lens. I then edited the images in Adobe Lightroom. Next, I post processed with Topaz Clarity to add texture, brighten, and bring out the details in the images. Then I removed the dust spots. Finally, I used Topaz DeNoise to remove the noise from the images.

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  1. Kathy Shepard Vaughn says:

    When I was very small my grandparents lived there. I was born in 53.They left there in late 50s,maybe early 60s. The Crabtrees were relatives of ours. Glen Rose is a place w/an amazing history. Does anyone know who Bull Adams was? Eccentric & brilliant. Remember this place as probably station or little grocery. What a unique place,& yes, it had reputation for being moonshine capital of that area.Bless you for trying to save what few pieces of the true Texas that remain.

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