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As I mentioned on the about me page, I am a WordPress / SEO / IT consultant and amateur photographer from Dallas, Texas living in Blue Ridge, Texas. Currently I write for several websites and I am a professional portrait photographer. But my passion is transportation, architecture, mirco photography, and landscape, street photography. I have been behind the lens since a very young age. Shooting both with SLR film and toy cameras. Now I mostly shoot digital but I also use vintage cameras for certain shoots.

Freelance and Documentary Photographer – Photography Portfolio

I will shoot almost anything, if you want your hot rod, rat rod, muscle car shot and I can do that. If you want me to document your old farm house, historical house or building I can do that as well. I can do all those things and if its historical or abandoned, I can document its history as well.

Urbex and Rural America

Abandoned Klutts Family Farm House

I love almost every field of photography, but my favorite shooting style is Urbex and Rural documentary. I love to explore/shoot old abandoned structures, warehouses, or old farm houses that haven’t had a human resident in decades. Then after shooting those places research those places and document their history if I can.

Currently, I am documenting rural/small town Texas (sometimes referred to as Vanishing Texas). When I can get two or three days off in a row, I will pick an area that is no more than two hours away and drive the back roads to get there. As I drive, I am looking for buildings, cool signs, and abandoned vehicles worth shooting. These trips usually take all day. Then if I can, I will pick a new destination and do it the next day.


I also love shooting vehicles running or not. I love going to car shows and getting up close and personal with these beauties and not have to worry about the owners wondering what I am doing.

Nerf Me - Lotus

Then again, I also like shooting old relics of the past that have been left to rot in some lost and forgotten field. If you stop and look, there is beauty in decay. 

Abandoned 1950 Nash Airflyte

Vintage Cameras

I am now just getting back into film photography. Yes, I still have and use my old SLR cameras. I haven’t used them in a few years, but I still have them and have plans of dusting them off one day and start using them.

Film SLR Cameras

But what I really like is collecting vintage cameras and using them in some of my shoots. Sometimes I want to use them to get a vintage feel from them or I might want to pic up a Russian toy camera to shoot some fun lomography style shots.

As for my collection, I already have around twenty cameras with a few working cameras and few that need to be worked on to get them back into working order. Both my wife and I love these old cameras, so I display my favorites on the wall right over our flat screen.

Vintage Camera Collection

Below are my current and more popular photo projects. Many of the images will open to form more galleries. Make sure to open each image that catches your eye. They look better at a bigger size and click the link if you want to learn more about the image, see more images that weren’t listed, and more.

Black and White Photography

I love black and white photography but I rarely shot in that format. Whenever shoot a subject, I always think of what it would like in black and white. During post processing, if the image has the detail and a look that might work in black and white I will convert the image to black and white.

Vanishing Texas

A few years ago, I realized how much of Texas was disappearing. I noticed many of the old pioneer farms that help make this state such a great place were being sold off  to make room for mini mansions and sub divisions and all because the big cities won’t stop growing. This means our historic farms, barns, building and even urban buildings with historic value are being torn down at an alarming rate. Its normal to see small towns across the United States get smaller and smaller and that’s sad. To me its even sadder when you see a gorgeous farmhouse, an old Tudor house, craftsman style house, and down buildings and churches with all the art deco and previous architecture being torn down for modern ugly buildings or high end lofts.

Two years ago a couple of North Texas photographers and few abandoned rural properties I found inspired me to capture their stories from behind the lens and document their history so it wouldn’t be lost to time. Currently I am exploring different parts of north, north east, north west Texas as personal and work business takes me. I purposely take the back roads when I can and plan to make frequent stops  to document rural and small town Texas. I have a large database of Texas locations and images that need to be processed and researched. Once those locations are ready, I publish my findings to my personal blog and eventually to a Vanish Texas website.

As for Vanishing Texas, I created the fan page/group page as a way to get the Texas community to see these locations and help in any way they can. They can help gather leads, find locations, submit images and even histories of the places they find.

Then a few months ago one of the photographers that inspired me had the same idea and grab the VanishingTexas.com domain out from under me not knowing we had the same idea. We then partnered up and created the website. The website does not have any articles but we have plans to start posting articles in a few months maybe sooner. We are still working on the details of the site and the format and the content the site will offer.




Vintage Signs

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