Rodney Masonic Lodge F. & A.M. in Rodney, Mississippi

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Across the street from the old Presbyterian Church in Rodney MS is the now defunct and abandoned Rodney Masonic Lodge F. & A.M. As you can see its seen better days.

Rodney Masonic Lodge F. & A.M.

Rodney Masonic Lodge F. & A.M. – History

I really couldn’t find much about the old Rodney Masonic Lodge. But I did find some basic historic records about the old building. The building is a two-story gable-front two-by-three-bay frame structure with a central entrance and a double-leaf paneled-entrance doors with exposed rafter ends.

The Masonic Lodge F. & A.M. was dispensation in 1827, chartered on January  7th, 1828 and was on Defunct January 1st, 1837. This bit of information came from a Mississippi lodge list of current and defunct lodges. What’s interesting is the building isn’t that old. There is an historical application on file for the building describing the age as rural vernacular, ca 1890.

I found some images showing the building with signs that still had the Masonic Lodge sign still on it and the interior still has the bench seating setup as if the building is waiting to host another lodge meeting.

Rodney Masonic Lodge F. & A.M.

The story behind this old lodge needs some research. If anyone knows more or who to contact please let me know.

Rodney Masonic Lodge F. & A.M. – Current Shape

As with the other buildings in town, its in danger of collapse. The lodge sign is missing and the shutters are gone. The windows are gone and most of the windows and other doors are boarded up. The front door is wide open.

Rodney Masonic Lodge F. & A.M.

The interior as expected is dusty and moldy. But surprisingly the first floor looked in pretty good shape. It still has its old meeting benches. Since it was pitch black and I was by myself, I didn’t venture to far inside and I didn’t even think about looking up stairs. I am curious as to what’s up stairs. Maybe the next visit I’ll up there.

Rodney Masonic Lodge F. & A.M.

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