How to Use Collections in Adobe Lightroom 5

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How to Use Collections in Adobe Lightroom 5

Earlier this week I shared and article about using Collections in Adobe Lightroom 5 instead of the actual library folders to make changes to your images. I realized after posting that article, that I only knew the basics of using collections and I really didn’t know the power it has and maybe new users and even seasoned users may not know how to use collections in Adobe Lightroom 5. So today, I decided to share a quick video on how to use collections.

How to Use Collections in Adobe Lightroom 5

After Scott Kelby’s recommendation about using collections, I started looking more collections. My current file structure works pretty well even though it needs some changes.

For the last few months, I noticed that when I revisited locations months I would forget where those images were stored. After realizing that this is a giant time suck I decided to combine all my completed work for location/subject into one folder.  But before I make this change, I wanted to look into how to use collections.

The first place I looked was Adobe TV. They have a ton of great videos and a list of beginner Lightroom Videos that would talk about collections. While looking through the library of videos, I came across one that would help. It was actually part of a beginner series for lightroom.

In the series Getting Started With Lightroom by Julieanne Kost there is section called Lightroom 5 – Creating Custom Collections of Images. In this section, Julieanne does a great job of demonstrating how to use collections and even goes into detail about why you would want to use collections.

Lightroom 5 – Creating Custom Collections of Images

If you are interested in Collections and how to use collections, you definitely need to check out this video.

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