How To Get Your Stolen Domain Names Back

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If you have a popular site, then odds are you might be open for attack. Hackers might try and hijack your site or they might try and take your domain names. Your domain name is as important as the content on your site Either way, it can be devastating to you and your company. You and your site may not be able to recover from something like that. How To Get Your Stolen Domain Names Back

So its important to make both your content (web host) and your domain names inaccessible to hackers. In the future, I plan on writing several articles on protecting your site. I have already written an article about how to protect your domain name from thieves. But today, I wanted to share with you a link on how to recover your domain name from these. Image Source: Flickr

How To Get Your Stolen Domain Names Back

Last week a friend of my mine, Hesham,  lost Two of his Domain Names (Famous Bloggers and ThesisAwesome) to hackers. The hacker even had the guts to email Hesham and let him know that he had them and would sell them back to him.

After a stressful few days, Hesham did get his domain names back and he explains how he thinks the hackers accessed his domain host and what he did to get it back. If you or any of your contacts ever loose their domains due to hackers, make sure to follow his steps. They worked for him, they might just work for you. So make sure to check out his article on how to get your domain name back from domain thieves.

If you haven’t had your domains stolen, make sure to follow these tips on how to secure your domain names.

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