Guest Article: 14 Design Mistakes That Could Cause Your Site to Fail

I have been writing for different blogs for over two years now and been doing WordPress, SEO, and Social media consulting for almost that long and the one thing I noticed about some of the sites I come across is how poorly they are designed. It really isn’t to hard to get a good looking website now. The easiest way to get a great looking site is to create a WordPress site and use one of their of their free themes from the WordPress directory or if it’s in your budget, getting a premium WordPress theme for your site.14 Design Mistakes That Could Cause Your Site to Fail

What I am seeing lately is, some site owners will take a good free theme and change it up. This fine, I have done it, but with some owners, they change it so much that the site looks bad and they fall victim to some major design no-no’s.

When Creating a site, there are a few design mistakes you need to avoid. By avoiding these design mistakes, you can take away one factor that can cause your site to fail.

Over a year ago I wrote an article over at Famous Bloggers, that talks about fourteen design mistakes that will make most visitors leave your site and never return. So before creating your new site or if your site has some of these mistakes, make sure to fix them as soon as you can.

Guest Article: – 14 Design Mistakes That Could Cause Your Site to Fail

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