Abandoned Futuro House Found in Royse City Texas

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While driving around in the rural parts of Royse City I came across an abandoned flying saucer house (Futuro House) just off the highway. When I first saw it, all I had was my point-in-shoot and it didn’t shoot the saucer very well. So I knew I had to go back again!

So on a return trip, I grabbed my DSLR and took some shots. During the visit, the weather wasn’t the best. I do plan on going back with a Tripod and try and get some sunset shots and maybe spend a little more time shooting the inside.

The Futuro House

The Futuro is a flying saucer shaped, prefabricated house designed by Matti Suuronen in 1968 and was in production until 1973 when the oil crisis caused the halt in the production of these futuristic houses.

Due to the short amount of time on the market and a horrible market campaign there were only about a hundred of these produced. Today, there is a small group fans that track these houses and they found that there are less then fifty of them left around the world.

Abandoned Flying Saucer House Found in Royce City Texas

The houses were made from fiberglass reinforced polyester plastic that Suuronen had used in past projects. The Futuro was designed in way that it was easy to transport and could easily be assembled on site in two days. Or if you had the money, you could have assembled at the air field and it could be airlifted to a hard to reach location. All you need was four concrete piers and you could place this house almost anywhere.

Since the house used an integrated polyurethane insulation and electric heating system, the house could be heated in thirty minutes.

Why The Futuro House

The Futuro was created in a time when technology advancing by leaps and bounds, space exploration, economic growth, and people had more free time. So Matti Suuronen was commissioned to design a ski cabin that was “quick to heat and easy to construct in rough terrain.” And in my opinion he created a trendy house that is not only art, but might popular today for those that love art or someone who  just want something that looks like a UFO.

The Remains of the Royce City Futuro House

The Futuro house out in Royse city can be found out in Rockwall County off HWY 276 Between Royse City, Texas and Quinlan, Texas.

Abandoned Flying Saucer House Found in Royce City Texas

After some research, I found this particular Futuro house may have been the one that has been around the Dallas are for some time. I have heard stories that there was an old abandoned flying saucer house in Garland when I was in high school. But I never could find it and some have said that it was sold for scrap.

Abandoned Flying Saucer House Found in Royce City Texas

As you can see, I found the Futuro house and its in rough shape. From the research of this particular house, its been sitting in this spot since at least 2003 and renovations had been started. But for some reason, the house was gutted and has been in this state since at least 2010.

Abandoned Flying Saucer House Found in Royce City Texas

The house in rough shape and people have left their thoughts on the wall of the this old house. Even though its in rough shape, its far from lost.

Abandoned Flying Saucer House Found in Royce City Texas

Abandoned Flying Saucer House Found in Royce City Texas

Abandoned Flying Saucer House Found in Royce City Texas

If I had the money, I would love to offer the owner some cash to take it off their hands and have it restored and setup as a studio/office at the back of our property. But until then, it will sit there and rot away until someone has the love and funds to restore this rare house.

To see more images from this shoot and to purchase any of these images, check them out on Flickr or you can see more images on my photoblog as well.

The history and the research on this landmark is far from complete. The history of this old house will updated as more tips and research leads can be verified. To get up to date details and more pictures of the Royse City Futuro House, check out my article over at Vanishing Texas.

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  1. Great idea on the restoration.

  2. It really does look like a flying saucer. You did a great job photographing this, James. Would be great to restore this and move it to a nice serene location.

    Nice work, man.
    Jimi Jones recently posted..A Colorful Row of TreesMy Profile

  3. Hi!

    What is the location? I have found a few websites and all have diff locations. A few have mentioned South sife of hwy 276 and E of Munson rd?
    I am new to TX, and am not so familiar – maybe you have an easier way of getting there??

  4. Erin Flores says:

    I live in the area of this Futuro house & I am wondering, if you happened to come across who owns this Futuro house while you were doing your research?

  5. That house was there way before 2003. I remember when the people used to live in it. 🙂

  6. Last time I drove by this place – June 2016 – it had a new coat of bright orange paint. I drive past it several times per year but I’ve never actually gone inside.


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