Abandoned Chevrolet COE Truck in the Woods

A few years ago I was out exploring the rural back roads south of Honey Grove, Texas. I made a wrong turn down an old county road that was heavily rutted from large tractor tires. As I was turning around I noticed through the trees that sat a couple 100 yards off the dirt road was an abandoned Chevrolet COE truck sitting the woods. If I had been exploring in the late spring or during the summer months I would not have been able to see it.

Abandoned Chevrolet COE Truck in the Woods

What is COE Truck?

COE or Cab Over means that the cab sits over the engine and sits about the front axel. These trucks usually have a flat front. This design is popular overseas where the laws require a certain length and no longer. To give the trucks as much room as possible they pushed the cab forward.

Abandoned Chevrolet COE Truck in the Woods In the states, this design was popular until the 1970s when the length laws were changed. Most heavy truck companies switch to a more tradition style that you see today in the trucking industry. However, many light and medium large trucks are still being made in the COE style.

Abandoned Chevrolet COE Truck in the Woods

Abandoned Chevrolet COE Truck in the Woods

After passing through the tree line sitting in a pasture that is slowly being reclaimed by the tree sits the abandoned Chevrolet COE truck.

The abandoned Chevrolet CEO truck in the woods is in rough shape. The hood is gone. The bed is in pieces next to the truck and the cab is trashed. This old truck has been sitting there for years. I’m not sure how the owner got it there. The trees make it almost impossible to get in there. I think the truck was abandoned and the trees grew up around it. So I guess its been there more than 20 years.

Abandoned Chevrolet COE Truck in the Woods

As much as I want to save this truck and built it out, it so far gone I don’t have the time, money, or the knowledge to save it.

About the Images

Abandoned Chevrolet COE Truck in the Woods

The images were shot by hand early in the afternoon on a cloudy day with my Sony Nex-3N and a Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8lens. I then edited the images in Adobe Lightroom. I plan to go back and see if the truck is still there and shoot it again and take some better shots.

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