Lawhorn Cemetery – Rockwall Texas

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Over the summer I made several trips out to Rockwall on one of those trips I found Lawhorn Cemetery. I came across this old cemetery scouting out the History of Klutts Family Farm. The old cemetery sits in a lonely  corner of FM 549 and FM 1139 right next door to the Klutts Family Farm. Lawhorn Cemetery–Rockwall Texas

Originally, I had planed to just to visit the cemetery and see if any of the Klutts Family was buried there. I thought since the farm was neighbors with the cemetery that maybe this was where the family was buried. But it turned out to be a community cemetery that hasn’t seen a new resident in quite some time. Lawhorn Cemetery–Rockwall Texas

After exploring the place, I found it to be interesting and it brought up more questions about the area who where buried here and what was the area like for those that settled the area?

Lawhorn Cemetery

When you drive by the cemetery it looks like it hadn’t had a visitor in a while. The grass is over grown and is about waste high in some places. Its so thick that some of the smaller grave stones are hidden and you might just trip over them if you aren’t careful. But from the research of the place and the few other pictures of the cemetery the grass is at least cut once or twice a season.Lawhorn Cemetery–Rockwall Texas

From the few grave stones that I looked at, there hasn’t been any recent vandalism, if any at all. But there were a lot of cracked, broken, and sinking grave stones in need of some restoration. Lawhorn Cemetery–Rockwall Texas

During my research of Lawhorn, I didn’t find much about it or who maintains the cemetery. I also made a visit to the Rockwall Historical Society, I didn’t find much about the cemetery. But the curator, did say that the earlier graves are the original pioneers/settlers of the area. The rest of the graves are related to those first settlers. She also did not know who took care of the place, but we both agree that some does come by every once in a while and cleans up a little.

The Interments of Lawhorn CemeteryLawhorn Cemetery–Rockwall Texas

When I looked through what grave stones I could find, I found that most of the people buried here passed away anywhere from the 1880s to the 1920s. Lawhorn Cemetery–Rockwall Texas

During my research of Lawhorn Cemetery I found that that there are at least 135 interments and the newest resident of Lawhorn passed away in 1978. But most residents passed away over a 100 years ago.

To see more images, check out my Lawhorn Cemetery Gallery over at Flickr.

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