Klutts Family Farm–Abandoned Farm House

A few months ago I decided to visit the Klutts Family again With my DSLR, telephoto lens, and tripod. I was out driving around Rockwall County mostly scouting out places to shoot. Overall the trip was successful, the place is a great place to shoot, even from the rood.(just need permission access to the property)

The Klutts Family Farm it’s  an old farm in Rockwall County surrounded by mini mansions and in crouching neighborhoods. I recently came across this place from several local photographers that shared their work through social media. The farm house is a popular place to shoot but its still has a no trespassing sign at the gate. So you find a lot of pictures taken from the road.Klutts Family Farm

Finding the property was a bit of an issue and there wasn’t any good instructions on how to get to the place. But after driving around Rockwall County I found it and its only about 30-40 minutes from Dallas.

What’s Rockwall County Like

I really do not know much about Rockwall County. I do know its is a very nice area to live but, it is mostly rural and sadly its slowly growing up like the rest of DFW and surrounding counties. In place of these old family owned farms, you might find a high end sub division with anywhere from a fraction of an acre to several acre lots. But a lot of times, you might see someone who purchased up the land and build a beautiful mansion on the property and landscape the land. Then in some cases the owners tear down these old houses and build a huge one in its place.

The Klutts Family Farm

When driving down the old farm road you see a mix of new homes set back on large plots of land and working farms.  As you near the property, all you see is open fields of grass and weeds and nothing else. If you continue to look at the property eventually up a low hill and fairly long walk to the structure you see an old farm house. So if you aren’t looking for the place you might just miss it. The first time I went looking for the place, I must drove by it several times and not see it.

Klutts Family Farm

After finding the place, I pulled over and walked the fence line, just taking in the view and trying to get feel for the property and image what it might look like when its in full harvest and not just a field of grass.

By the gate, you see a posted no trespassing sign and sign that says its Klutts Family Farm since 1942. But from different sources, the farm house is much older. After that, there’s a long gravel drive leading up the house and other structures place around the house.

Klutts Family Farm

From the information I found the old farm, the family may have been one of the founding members of Rockwall, or at least they have been in the area since the pioneer days.

Throughout the history of Rockwall, the family has been active members of the community today, they still are and even have a business in Rockwall somewhere. Klutts Family Farm

Since I have visited this place several times and bad weather was coming in, I decided not to spend much time looking around. I did look to see if any neighbors were out or if the property caretaker was there, but no one was around.

I wanted to see if they knew much about the farm and if there was someone I could contact about getting access to the property. Since no one was around, I decide to take some test shots with the point-n-shoot and then do some internet research.

Klutts Family Farm

Even though my first attempt at research was a bust, I have a some good leads and just need to find the time follow up on those. So at some point, I am going to head back out there and see who I can find to talk to. What I do know is, even though the farm doesn’t look like a working farm, it is still a working farm. If you look at the gravel road leading up to the house, you can see vehicle tracks and the fields are well taken care of. So that means someone is still using the property. Klutts Family Farm

As you can see from this picture, it’s a long walk to the house. So until I can find more information about the place, I am stuck with a tripod and a telephoto lens and only shooting from the street.

All pictures were taken with a point-in-shoot camera or with a DSLR and processed with Adobe Lightroom 3. Most shots were taken from the street using a 10X or more zoom without a tripod and some with a tripod (other visits). At some point, I will go back around sunrise or dusk and shoot the farm again using a DSLR, zoom lens, and tripod. When I find more about the property, I will post an update.

Klutts Family Farm

If anyone has more information about the Kutts Family Farm please leave a comment with what you know or send me an email through the contact form.

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  1. Another great find. Just imagining the history of this place is exciting. Gaining permission to roam the land a bit would be a real treasure. I could spend a good part of an entire day there. 🙂

    Hope you connect with someone and get a chance to explore the place. Good luck!
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  2. Lindsay swain says:

    There is someone there right now there is a mini van or a explorer there sitting by trees up by house.

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