Abandoned Farm House West of Sherman, Texas

Recently I started working for a company that has my traveling a lot. I was told my territory was in the DFW, but if you live or been to the DFW area, you know its larger and you could spend several hours trying to get from one end to the other! So far I haven’t even worked in my territory.

During the first few weeks of the new job, I was sent to the Oklahoma City area. During those trips, I decided to take a different a path each time. Using that extra time exploring the rural areas throughout my travels.

On one of those trips to Oklahoma, I decided to take HWY-82 from Sherman, Texas to Gainesville, Texas. During that trip, I came across an abandoned old farm house just west of Sherman, Texas.

Abandoned Farmhouse West of  Sherman, Texas

Abandoned Farm House West of Sherman, Texas

This farm house is on another old farm that’s been put up for sale. The house itself is in good shape at least the outside. The roof looks like it was replaced in maybe in the last 10 years or so. Normally houses of this era have a different style shingle and if it was abandoned decades ago, it the roof would be in bad shape.

Abandoned Farmhouse West of  Sherman, Texas

The additions to the rear of the house look to be in the worst shape, but if someone wanted to save this old house, it wouldn’t be impossible.

There’s even a storm cellar out back that is open and is asking to be explored.

Abandoned Farmhouse West of  Sherman, Texas

Inside the old Abandoned Farm House West of Sherman Texas

As for the inside, I really do not know much but would I could see through the windows and front door. Is its mostly empty except for a few children’s toys left behind and old couch in the living room.

The windows and doors have been stripped down to the casings. So with the inside exposed to the elements, it won’t last long.

Abandoned Farmhouse West of  Sherman, Texas

Abandoned Farmhouse West of  Sherman, Texas

Abandoned Farmhouse West of  Sherman, Texas

Abandoned Farmhouse West of  Sherman, Texas

Final Thoughts

The house is interesting and deserves another visit. At some point, I will make another visit.

As for the history of the old abandoned farm house west of Sherman, Texas, I can’t find anything on the house or property. Next time, I up there will do a little more looking into the property.

If you know anything about this old house, please contact me and let me know who to contact or what you know about it.

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  1. I know where this house is and pass it every time I go to Sherman it has not been that long that this place was lived in by a family. It became vacant right before the new highway crossed over 82. Sad because it was a cute little house and had been fixed up. Progress destroyed it but the highway is nice.


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