10 Images from the 2013 Invasion Car Show in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Invasion Car Show 2013The Invasion Car Show is an event that happens every Labor Day Weekend in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas hosted by the THEM! TX Car Club. For the last few years, the show has been held on Elm Street from 10:00 AM and ends around 6:00 PM. If its to hot, the cars and crowds start thinning out around 4:00 PM. Later in the evening, Trees and several other clubs will through after parties with live Rockabilly bands through out the night.

The Deep Ellum Invasion Car Show

The Invasion Car Show is a pre 1964 traditional rods and kustoms event. The show features bad ass kustoms, rats and other hot rods. In additional to the rides, there is great food from the local bars/restaurants/food trucks, live rockabilly bands, and more.

Images From Invasion Car Show

I have made it to show two years in a row and plan on going every year. At some point, I plan on putting a car into the event. Until then, I will shoot the show and talk with other car lovers. To See more images from the car show, check out my Flickr Set. There will be images from last year, this year, and future shows.

The 2013 Invasion Car Show was a hot one. The show starts about the time the temperature starts to raise and hits the high about the time the show is over. Due to timing issues, I couldn’t get to the show until the temperature was close to 105 degrees and that’s not even counting what the temperature was on that hot and sticky asphalt. Surprisingly we about two hours before we couldn’t handle the heat.

Since the sun was already getting low and causing some nasty shadow effects along with glare and white washing, I spent most of my time on cars that caught my eye and doing a little street photography.

Below are ten images from the first set of images that edited and are my favorites. I have plans to share a few more images as I get the time to edit them and share them. The images were shot with my new Sony Nex-3NL with a UV Filter and edited with Adobe Lightroom and Topaz Labs Clarity.

Invasion Car Show 2013

Invasion Car Show 2013

Invasion Car Show 2013

Invasion Car Show 2013 - Gear Shift Knob for an old rat rod.

Invasion Car Show 2013

Invasion Car Show 2013

Invasion Car Show 2013

Invasion Car Show 2013 - Brass Knuckle handle for a dip stick


Invasion Car Show 2013

Invasion Car Show 2013NOTE: I do not have access to future Invasion Car Show event dates. If another date is set and its different from the day and time I mentioned above. I will add an update to this article.

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