Windows Firewall is a Powerful Firewall, But its Hard to Find its Advanced Freatures

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You might be surprised, but Windows Firewall is a powerful firewall. Personally I use BitDefender Internet Security or Commodo Firewall, but if I had a client that wasn’t wanting to use a firewall I would definitely would use Windows Firewall. Unfortunately, Windows Firewall doesn’t offer a user-friendly interface and there some features are missing from the firewall that most firewall software has.

This is where Windows Firewall Notifer comes in. Windows Firewall Notifier adds features to the Default Windows firewall by adding a way to handle outgoing connections and displaying (almost) real-time information about the current connections.

How Windows Firewall Notifier Make Windows Firewall Better

Windows Firewall just doesn’t run along side the default firewall or even run in the background all the time. It somehow adds itself into actual Windows Firewall.

How Windows Firewall Notifier Make Windows Firewall Better

When you install Windows Firewall Notifier, it will activate Windows Firewall if its deactivated and by default its set to block all outgoing traffic. The software then creates a log of all outgoing connections then triggers a notification popup asking what you want to do with each out going connection. Image Source: How-To Geeks

For more information about how Windows Firewall Notifier works, installation, and how use it, checkout the How to Extend the Windows Firewall and Easily Block Outgoing Connections from How-To Geeks. Its got a lot of great information about the Notifier and lot of great screenshots of the software in action.

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