A Free Windows 7 Search Cheat Sheet

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Although Windows 8 is out and there are plenty of Cheat Sheets and ebooks about that OS, Windows 7 is still live and kicking. For most companies, if they upgrade their Windows computers, they will be going to Windows 7 or just started using Windows 7 in the last year.

With that in mind, I am always looking for Windows 7 resources to share with my readers. Earlier today, I was looking through Make Use Of’s extensive list of cheat sheets and ebooks/guides and I came across a cheat sheet for Windows 7 Search Tips.

Windows 7 Search Tips

If your computer is like mine, then its full files, images, and music and it can be hard to find files on your system. Although I try and keep everything on an external drive or use dropbox for important files that I need to access while on the road.

There are times that a file goes “missing” or a client needs help retrieving missing files.  If you are on your own,  you need to know a little about how Windows 7 search works and what commands work best at find those missing files. For me, I know some of those commands and if still can’t locate a missing file, I use other methods to find those missing files. windows-7-search-tips

Windows 7 Search Cheat Sheet

Let’s face it, the search feature of Windows 7 isn’t the best tool for finding missing files. If you need something more, you can use Everything Search. But if you prefer not to install more software on your system, then you need know the Windows 7 Search commands. To learn those commands, you need a handy cheat sheet to reference those commands.

Make Use Of has the answer, they have created a handy cheat sheet to help with your Windows 7 file search.  Windows 7 Search Cheat Sheet by Make Use Of.

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