Welcome to the New Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G & Kindle Fire HD 8.9

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Yesterday I logged into Amazon to check the prices on some hardware upgrades for my desktop and found an announcement for the new Kindle Fire HD, new Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G, and Kindle HD 8.9.

The new Kindle Fire HD is expected to release on September 14th 2012. Both the Kindle HD 8.9 are expected to release on November 20th 2012. So reserve your copy today! Since the new Kindles were announced, you can now pick up the regular Kindle Fire  for only $159 and is expected to be re-released on September 14. 2012. Kindle Fire HD

The New Kindle Fire Features

With the success of the first Kindle Fire, Kindle has added more features uncluding upgrading the screen size and adding even more storage space to the device. In addition to these major features, they have even added 4G LTE wireless services from AT&T for those that need more than just WiFi.

For information about the new Kindle Fire HD, check out this video of Jeff Bezos unveiling the all-new Kindle Fire. If that’s to long for you, then check out the short video I found just below the first one…

Final Thoughts

For a few months now, I have been looking into getting a tablet. So I have been researching the different tablets on the market and I came to the conclusion that I either wanted the new iPad or the Galaxy Note 10.1. Both were a little more than I wanted to spend and a little larger than I wanted. I needed something around the size of the Kindle Fire or just a a little larger.

I had originally I counted the Kindle Fire because thehardware was little lacking and I couldn’t have 3G/4G if I needed it. Plus, you have limited built in storage that wasn’t useful on those long flights/road trips when Wifi wasn’t available.

Since the announcement from Amazon, I am seriously thinking about getting the new Kindle. At $159/$200 for the basic Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD you can’t beat that. But if I decide I want to go just a little bigger in size I can go with the Kindle HD 8.9. But before I make a purchase I need to do a little more research and see what the other tech blogs are saying about these new tablets.

If you are already sold on the new Kindle Fire Family, pre-order yours today!

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