Understanding Your Camera Modes

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Understanding Your Camera Modes

Are you new DSLRs and the new mirrorless camera systems that can operate in manual modes and automatic modes? Ever wondered what each of those dials and pictures on them do? If so, I found a great guide that explains these modes and what  each mode does. Image Source: Flickr

A Basic Understanding of Your Camera Modes

Since the release of the modern film camera, camera manufacturers have added camera modes designed to give a desired effect to the picture taken. As cameras move into the digital world and advance in quality and tech, so do the modes. Most cameras come with a large selection of camera modes and may preform almost as well as shooting in manual mode.

Camera modes automatically choose a desired effect, the newer cameras can make minor changes to the camera’s ISO, F-stop, and sometimes the exposure times for a particular shot. All you have to do is select the right camera mode and start shooting.

Every camera has them. They are either on the dials or they are on the menu and you access them from buttons on the side of the camera and the camera screen. Some cameras will have the dials on top and then more options from the menu screens. But for the most part, the symbols P, A, S, and M are a standard for camera manufacturers. The symbols stand for Programmed Automatic, Shutter-Priority, Aperture-Priority, and Manual.

The B&H Guide to Understanding Camera Shooting/Exposure Modes

To learn more about what these modes can do and how they can help you out, check out the the helpful guide by Todd Vorenkamp of B&H Photo – The B&H Guide to Understanding Camera Shooting/Exposure Modes. This article even has a infographic with all the basic modes on a camera dial for you to see.

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