Topaz Labs’ Free January 2017 Webinar Series

Topaz Labs Free Webinars

One of my favorite post production tools comes in the form of a plugin for Lightroom and photoshop is from Topaz Labs. I’m actually a big fan of their entire suite. Some tools I use more than others but I love working with all of them. They help transform a good picture into a memorable one. Using these tools aren’t as easy as one might think. Each one works great and they have so many features you can’t learn how to use them all on your own. I’m always learning more about what each tool can do. To help me learn more I’m always looking for tutorials and webinars. Bedsides all the great tutorials out there, each month, Topaz Labs offers free live webinars for its users. If you already have the Topaz Labs tool suite or interested in learning more about what these tools can do for you need check out these webinars. To help you out I wanted to share Topaz Labs’ Free January 2017 Webinar Series you and give a little info about those webinars.

Topaz Labs’ Free January 2017 Webinar Series

Currently there are 3 webinars scheduled for January 2017. Below are details and images taken directly from the webinar page.

Topaz Labs Free WebinarsWe are happy to welcome back Nichole Paschal for this workflow focused webinar. Join us as she demonstrates creative post-processing workflows from RAW files to final images using Camera Raw, Photoshop, Topaz DeNoise, Topaz Clarity, Topaz Texture Effects, Topaz B&W Effects and more.

Topaz Labs Free WebinarsJoin Pro photographer Rad Drew as he shows you how to use Topaz Texture Effects to import and apply your external textures in your images. He’ll also cover creating and saving your custom effects. He might even show an infrared image if you’re good.

Topaz Labs Free Webinars

We’re excited to welcome back Hazel Meredith for this workflow and artistic effect based webinar.

The Topaz Suite of products lets me take a photograph and truly make it my own. Let me share some of my favorite ways to modify an image to create dramatic image effects utilizing the Topaz Suite.

I will demonstrate ways to combine Topaz Glow, Adjust, Texture Effects, and more to create your own “work of art”.

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