Random Image of the Week #40: Abandoned Plymouth East of Bonham, Texas

This week’s random image of the week is of an abandoned Plymouth sedan I stumbled across will driving down HWY 56 east of Bonham, Texas. This article was originally posted to EvolutionaryDesigns.net/photography on October 17th, 2014 Abandoned … [Read more...]

Random Picture of the Week #4: Rusty Old Pipe

For this week’s random picture, I decided to take some pictures around our family farm and some exploring since I really haven’t had much time visit much over the last few years. And when I do have time to visit, its usually a short visit to spend … [Read more...]

Danger High Pressure Stay Back–Rusty Old Pipe

Last week was a rough one. Between working nine days straight and using my free time prepping for family coming into town and leaving for vacation, I have been neglecting articles on all of my sites. Now that I am on vacation, I can catch up on my … [Read more...]

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