The End of the Sanger-Harris Building at Valley View Mall

Recently I came across an article that said the old Sanger-Harris building at Valley View Mall is set for demolition and their permits gives them 180 (that was early January) days to demo the building and the permit has already started. To confirm … [Read more...]

10 Images from the 2016 Invasion Car Show

Last weekend was the 2016 Invasion Car Show and I was able to get there early and stay for a few hours. I normally only stay about an hour so but, this year the weather was in the 90s instead of the 100+ range. So stayed as long as could before I had … [Read more...]

Fountain Plaza Building in Dallas, Texas at Sunset

Fountain Plaza Building in Dallas,Texas The Fountain Plaza Building in Dallas, Texas has been a prominent fixture since its completion in 1986. It is a late-modernist skyscraper that stands at a structural height of 720ft and is the fifth tallest … [Read more...]

Invasion Car Show–Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

On September 1st, 2012 (Labor Day weekend), we were lucky enough to hit up two car shows! The first one was the Cars and Coffee Show and The Invasion Car Show in Deep Ellum (Downtown Dallas, Texas). The show was fun but we weren’t prepared for it. … [Read more...]

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