Abandoned 404 Martin Passenger Plane Found Near Paris, TX

While looking through my flickr contact’s pictures I came a across an image of an abandoned 404 Martin Passenger Plane west of Paris Texas. The photographer  even gave some directions on how to find the old abandoned Museum where the old bird now … [Read more...]

The Abandoned Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel is an abandoned hotel that towers over the small city of Mineral Wells Texas. The Hotel opened its doors to the public on November 9. 1929. The Baker included features such as an advanced hydraulic system that circulated ice water to … [Read more...]

Klutts Family Farm–Abandoned Farm House

A few months ago I decided to visit the Klutts Family again With my DSLR, telephoto lens, and tripod. I was out driving around Rockwall County mostly scouting out places to shoot. Overall the trip was successful, the place is a great place to shoot, … [Read more...]

North Texas Road Trip–Anna Texas to Paris Texas

Back in July I had a few days off in a row so I decided to spend one of those days scouting out some new places to shoot. So I started my research on where I could drive and be back before rush hour traffic. Once I figured out where I wanted to go I … [Read more...]

Lawhorn Cemetery – Rockwall Texas

Over the summer I made several trips out to Rockwall on one of those trips I found Lawhorn Cemetery. I came across this old cemetery scouting out the History of Klutts Family Farm. The old cemetery sits in a lonely  corner of FM 549 and FM 1139 right … [Read more...]

The Abandoned Union Bankers Building – AKA The Pythian Temple

While on a trip to Deep Ellum (Dallas Texas), I decided to take a closer look at the Union Bankers Building at  2551 Elm Street. On closer inspection this old building may be abandoned but its not forgotten. It has an historical marker. I remember … [Read more...]

Abandoned Futuro House Found in Royse City Texas

While driving around in the rural parts of Royse City I came across an abandoned flying saucer house (Futuro House) just off the highway. When I first saw it, all I had was my point-in-shoot and it didn’t shoot the saucer very well. So I knew I had … [Read more...]

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