Smartphone Devoted Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

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smartphoneLets face it, Smartphones are here to stay. Everyone from young children to those of advanced age are using them to stay connected with those they care for or to access the internet while away from their computers.

Smartphones are now more powerful than computers of the past and they can do a lot of basic things a modern computer. With the latest and greatest smartphones, you can much more than just get directions, talk on the phone, and take pictures. Most advanced users use them for everything including their banking!

With more apps being created and being released to the public its no wonder why it these phones are so handy to have at your site.

But are Smartphones Addictive?

One question that needs to be asked, are we addicted to our smartphones? In my opinion, I would have to say, maybe. For some, it’s a definite yes. For most, the they are dependent on their smartphones and wouldn’t miss it until its taken from them. For me, when I forget my phone, I always try go back for it if I can. Even when I am at work and can’t use my phone, I still have to have it at my side or I find myself constantly checking my pocket for it.


Smart Phones Devoted Users

Below is an infogrpahic with a lot of stats about Smart usage and who uses them and how. I found the image on smartphone-devoted-users-infographic

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