Review: Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler

Is your laptop on the warm side or even hot to the touch and want to cool it off? Maybe you have an older computer and it seems to get hotter everyday and want to put less of strain on the cooling system? If so there are many ways to do that. Sometimes it only takes one way to do and at other times it might take several things to help cool it. One way to cool off your laptop is to add a laptop exhaust fan cooler. There are many brands on the market and today and I wanted to share my experience with the Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler.

Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler – Specs

The Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler is a small exhaust fan with a LED Temperature Display with a 13 speed fan that is designed to pull heat from your laptop or your Nintendo Switch.

To successfully pull heat from your laptop, the laptop needs a vent on the side or back vent that does not exceed 4.6” L x 1.6” H. If your exhaust vent is in the back, the lid of your laptop will only open to about 135 degree.

The united comes with a micro-USB cable, rubber pads, 3 silicon vent flaps, mountain brackets and the manual.

Review: Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler

Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler

Over the last few years my old HP Notebook has been getting hot to the touch and if the hardware is working hard its almost hot enough to burn you. When its hot the built in exhaust fan is screaming and the performance drops.

The first thing I did was clean the vents out and that didn’t help. So next I added a laptop stand with built in dual fans. The laptop stand helped some, but under strain it still got hot.

So I started looking for an exhaust fan. I soon realized that there are lot of them on the market. After researching Amazon for the top positive reviews, I ended up with the Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler. At the time of this review the fan has 4.5 out 5 stars with over 1900 reviews. Many of witch seemed like real reviews.

The Build and Design

Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler - intake and top clamps

The unit looks and seems to be made well. It does feel cheap when I hold it. But everything was in working order and items made from plastic can feel cheap. In theory, the design will work. But you need a modern laptop. Older laptops like mine are thicker than newer ones.

This exhaust cooler is designed for thin laptop coolers and the brackets will not lock down and clamp tight on thicker laptops. It will hold if you do not touch it or bump the table its sitting on. Even if you use the the adhesive backing and attach the bracket that way. It will still break loose if you bump it. I’ve bumped the table and it came loose. Also you have to put something under the cooler to keep it balanced.

The united is designed to run off a powered USB port. So make sure you have an open USB port or USB hub with an open to plug into.

Does the Cooler Cool Your Laptop?


Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler - Exhaust port

I ran some tests for about 2 weeks and I noticed that when its on it does cool my machine. I ran some temperature tests and the software says it ran on average 10 degrees lower. If I run the fan on full blast I could get 12 degrees lower. For the most part, I had to run the cooler on medium to high to see any differences. If I ran it on low, it didn’t do anything.

If you forget to turn it off, your computer might overheat. Mine did. When the fan is not working its blocking air flow or at least restricts it.

Final Thoughts and Advice

Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler - Top left corner is where the Micro-USB port is located Overall I like the Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler but, I can not recommend this exhaust cooler. There’s no mention of thickness needs on the sales page and it should have been mentioned. If it had, I would have looked at another model. If you have have thin model laptop a Nintendo Switch, it should work.

Just make sure your exhaust vent is the right the size and none of the output ports are nearby. On my HP the HDMI port sits close to the exhaust port. The silicon shrouds extend over the port. I have to push the shroud out of the way.

So Why Keep it

I decided to keep my cooler because it does help, its just loud! Its so loud I can hear it over the TV. I normally don’t use it unless I’m watching a movie or editing images.

Sometimes I just stick the unit a few inches off the vent and turn it on. It still does an ok job at pulling the hot air away from the computer.

The designers need a better mounting system. The clamps need longer and stronger feet and the bottom bracket is junk. Its not strong enough or big enough to hold the cooler and mount to my computer. I think even on a thin laptop it may fall off.

If you are looking for a new Laptop Exhaust Cooler I would do a search on Amazon and look at other top reviewed brands and ask questions and see of others are can answer them.

* planning to add more pictures of the Opolar LC-06 Laptop Fan Cooler attached to the laptop and the shrouds in the future.

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