Review: JLab Audio FLEX Folding Studio Headphones

JLab created the JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones and are inspired by studio and club life. These headphones are a hybrid between DJ club-mixing and studio headphones.

JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones

The JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones use ergonomic Form-Fit™ Earcups  and stainless steel metal frame that add a bit of elegance to the headphones. These headphones were made for the music lover and those that want to show off their style.

JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones – Features

These headphones are truly inspired by the DJ lifestyle. The earcups swivel 100° to give the user optimal options for using the headphones. The user can tilt the earcups in a way to listen to tracks and listen to the crowd. If the user just want to listen to music the earcup can tilt 20° for a more comfortable fit.

JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones

When it comes to listening to music, watching movies, spinning tracks, or working in the studio, the user has to wear the headphone for long periods of time. To help with comfort the earcups are shaped more like the human ear. Your typical head phones are round and barely cover your ears. If you have large ears then they press against them or if they are to small then they won’t fit right. To help make the headphones fit our ears better JLab uses Form-Fit™ Earcups that follow the natural outline of the ear. As to the padding it uses three-fourths-inch Cloud foam that is guaranteed to be comfortable or your money back.

JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones

These headphones are built to last. They use high end materials to create a durable but comfortable set of headphones. The headband is a stainless steal band with a Memory Foam™ cushion on the inside of the band and the earcups use Eco Leather to give the user the ultimate protection again the strains of heavy use.

JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones

JLab uses its award-winning C3™ (Crystal Clear Clarity) to deliver a clean crisp sound that produces a great high range, mid range, and killer base all pushed out by the high performance 40mm drivers.

JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones

Because of its ability to fold and twists it can fold up to fit in the palm of your hand. To protect your headphones, it comes with a premium pouch that has a pocket that has a small pouch for the audio/mic cable.

As with many high end over the ear headsets, the audio/mic cables are removable. With the JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones, its no different. They come with a flat cable with a built in mic. The inline premium mic  is iOS compatible. The user can adjust the volume answers calls, switch tracks and its MF certified.

Stock images are from JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones product page.

JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones – Review

I normally do not purchase premium headphones. I tear them up to fast. But when a local electronics store had the JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones deeply discounted at about $30 I just had to pick a pair of these up. At the time of purchase I had seen these going from anywhere from $85 to over a $100. On Amazon they are going for $75 (as of this article publish date).

On first impressions, I found that the headphones had a solid feel to them and not the cheap light weight feeling you get from an all plastic set of headphones. Then when you get down to the swivel and twist earcups and I noticed how they attached to the frame I realized how well these things are built.

As to the fit they fit my slightly larger than normal ears comfortably. They are a little tight on the head but when wearing them while walking or exercising they stay in place. The only time they fall off is if they get bumped or the cable gets caught on something as I am moving around. Overall, they feel great and I can wear these for a few hours before they get to heavy or tight on my ears.

Listening to music is awesome. So much better than the budget friendly over the ear headphones and sound as good as many of the over priced premium headphones. I use these headphones to listen to podcasts, webinars, movies, and music.

Action movies sound great, you can hear everything. It sounds like surround sound attached to your ears. Music is just as good. It’s very clear and you can pick up on the lows, mids, and high ranges throughout different genres. If you are listing to heavy base tunes, the base is so loud and strong you can feel the earcups vibrating.

JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones

I haven’t had much time using the mic, but it does work and people can hear me clearly enough to hold a conversation and it works voice control on your handsets. The audio port is inset so its harder to damage the connectors.

I highly recommend the JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones. I haven’t found any reason why I wouldn’t want to purchase these again. But if I had it in the budget, I would probably purchase the Bluetooth version of these. From what I can tell, the wired and wireless have the same features.

To learn more or to purchase the JLab Audio Flex Folding Studio Headphones from Amazon, make sure to click the link. Currently the headphones are going for $75.

Below are some larger images of the headphones and below the gallery I have found some other JLab Over the head headphones that might work for you. I have not tested or even seen these in person yet. I hope to get my hands on these in the future.

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