Review: iWorld Pro Earbuds Headphones with Mic

Bluetooth headphones and mics is one of the more popular ways to go hands free with your smartphone. But there are times when going Bluetooth is the best option. When this happens, you have to go wired.

iWorld Pro Earbuds Headphones with Mic


Recently, I  needed a pair of wired headphones with a mic and decided to pick up a pair of iWorld Pro  Earbuds  Headphones with Mic . The price was right and decided to take my chances with these cheap earbuds.

iWorld Pro Earbuds Headphones with Mic

I  honestly do not know why I keep purchasing iWorld headphones.  I have purchased four or five other iWorld headphones and they didn’t last about six or seven months. But they had decent sound.

As for these, they have horrible sound and the microphone is way to sensitive. During a road trip, I needed to make several calls and drive the  car. So I used the headphones. I tried it with one earbud  and with both buds. With one bud,  you can’t hear much but background noise.  With two buds, you get to much noise and its hard to concentrate. I still had to pull over to finish the conversation.

As for the music, its doesn’t have base and if you turn it up to actually hear the music over the light background noise, the tone is off. You have to set the sound down so low, that you hear everything around you. Normally this how you want to do it, but with these little guys, you had to go even lower to get the music to sound right.

Final Thoughts

The iWorld Pro Earbuds Headphones with Mic feel cheap, sound cheap, and are cheap. At $15, these should feel and sound better.  I have purchased headphones with mics at the same price point and had better luck. These earbuds will be going back to the store in a couple of days and I wont be buying iWorld headphones again. If you are interested in purchasing these headphones, you can pick them up on Amazon.

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