Review: HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset With Neoprene Armband

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About a year ago, I purchased the HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Neoprene Armband since my previous Bluetooth stereo headset was damaged and now uncomfortable to wear. What caught my eye was this great little combo deal. The headset came with an armband cell phone holder. This was perfect, I needed a larger armband to hold my phone while working out. With this combo deal, I no longer needed to buy an armband.

HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset

HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Neoprene Armband Features

The HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a flexible plastic over-the-ear headset style designed for an active lifestyle. It comes with a built-in microphone so you can talk and keep on working out. Its powered by lithium-ion battery that runs your headset for 95 hours of standby time and gives you 3.5 hours of talk time. With its Bluetooth connectivity you can walk away from your cell phone for about 33 feet and still listen to tunes.

HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset

In addition to the headset, the kit comes with Neoprene Armband that is designed to hold cell phones up to five inches in size. It comes with a touch screen compatible window so you can operate your cell phone and not take out of the holder.

HYPE Stereo Bluetooth Headset Operation

To operate the headset you have three buttons. The play/pause button and reverse and forward buttons. The Center button is the play/pause button and is also it’s used to pair the headset with your cell phone.

HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset - operation buttons

On the opposite side of the buttons is the mini-USB connection port. That’s right, if you read the description on Amazon, it states that the charger is a standard macro-USB connection.

HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Mini-USB charging port

My Thoughts on the HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset

On first impressions this is a good looking headset with potential to be useful for those living an active lifestyle. The headset seems to be made well. But if you look closely you can see the red plastic inlay is peeling back. It presses back into place with ease, but that picture was taken just minutes of taking it out of the packaging.

The Neoprene Armband works great for cell phones less than 5 inches. It will hold my iPhone 4 in a plastic/rubber ballistic case just fine. But my Samsung Galaxy S4 in a Otterbox Defender case doesn’t really fit. You can get it to go inside but it stretches the holder and pulls on the seams. As for my LG G4 with an Otterbox Defender, it won’t fit.

When pairing the headset it didn’t work well with my iPhone 4. It normally took several tries and once it was paired, I almost never saw that 33 ft distance. It was about 20 ft walk away distance and if it was in my pocket and I bent over, the sound would break up.

When I paired it with my Samsung Galaxy S4, it paired easily. But I still didn’t see that 33 feet walk way distance. It was about 20 feet walk away distance and you still can’t bend over with it.

As for talking, it worked ok. People could hear me clearly and I could hear them clearly. Don’t use it when its noisy or windy. It picks up everything and those who you are talking to can’t year you, just your background noise. When listening to music, its loud enough and sounds pretty good for a less than $20 headset.

The comfort level isn’t that great for long time use. I can wear it for about an hour but after that my ears start to hurt where the plastic goes around the ears.

About six months ago, I lost one of the rubber ear buds and I can not use them anymore. Replacing the rubber ear buds costs almost as much a buying another headset. If you have extra rubber ear buds, they might fit this unit.

Overall I can’t recommend the HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset . If you have an older unit, it may not work well and if you have a large over-sized cell phone then the armband won’t work for you. If you just want the headset as a backup or a cheap replacement headset, this might be a decent choice. The sound is as good as you might find on a cheap $10 pair of wired headsets. I wouldn’t pay more than $10 for it.

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