Review: Cygnett Fusion II Earbuds

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About two months ago, I purchased a pair of Cygnett Fusion II Earbuds to have handy when my Bluetooth stereo headset was not available. After several months of using these earbuds, its time for me to review the product.

I picked these up locally on sale from one of the computer stores in town to replace the now broken iWorld Earbuds that fell apart after two months of use. You can find them on Amazon through several different sellers.

Why Go Wired When There’s Bluetooth?

The simple answer to going wired is, there is a time and a place for wired headphones. For me, its when the battery in my headset is dead. I hate wired earbuds, regular headphones such as the Beats headphones are what I prefer for air travel. Headphones similar to these work great for drowning out external noise and let you concentrate on sleep, work, or that movie you downloaded for the trip.

Cygnett Fusion II EarbudsCygnett Fusion II Earbuds

If you go to Amazon’s sale page, the earbuds have been discontinued by the manufacture. But as of 12/23/2014 there are plenty of them in stock and many of local electronic stores may have them at a higher price.

After opening the packaging and installing the medium sized earbuds, I plugged  them in and was pleasantly surprised. The music quality was sounded better than I expected for a pair of earbuds under $30. It even had decent base on them.

As for the mic, I wasn’t impressed. With some calls I was either muffled or the mic picked up everything from clothing moving as moved to the papers I was shuffling through at work. There’s no between its either to quiet or to loud. But for driving, they aren’t bad, just turn down the radio. They work better that way.

As for the quality, they fell like they are built better. They haven’t broken yet and that says a lot for cheap earbuds.

Over time, the earbuds start to hurt my ears. I have the correct size pads, the rubber isn’t soft enough. So If I take them out for a minute or so, the soreness goes away.

Final Thoughts

Overall I like the earbuds, for a cheap replacement or as a backup pair, these wouldn’t be bad to through in your gear bag or glove box. I wouldn’t recommend them for everyday use or using theme at the gym. Cord isn’t long enough to put the phone in your back pocket and run up underneath your shirt to ears. With certain movements or rough sports, they fall out.

Would I purchase these again? It would be on my list if they are under $30. I Only say this is because, many of the $30 and under earbuds are about the same quality. You might be paying for a name or a design.

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