Review: CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter

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After realizing that as a power user, you need more than one or two places in your car to charge your devices, I started looking for a multi function car power adapter. In my pervious vehicles I’ve always had two or more cigarette lighter sockets. When I purchased a 2008 Scion XB, it only came with one cigarette lighter socket. From previous experience I needed at least two places to plug devices into. While on the road I need a place to plug in GPS units and other large power consuming devices. At the same time I need to charge multiple USB devices. To solve this issue I went with the CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter.

Car Cup Charger by CHGEEK

CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter

CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter comes with intelligent alert and a low power shut-off LED. The display shows the power draw (car voltage) when plugged into your car. It displays the current draw of your devices that are plugged in and drawing power. When your car’s battery falls below 12V the screen starts flashing so you can turn off the charger.

The car power adapter comes with two cigarette lighter sockets that provide 80 watts of power that you can use to power your GPS unit, dash cams, and variety of devices that doesn’t draw more than 80 watts. Each socket comes with an on/off switch. That means you can turn off the sockets you do not want to charge and leave them plugged in.  For those that have cars that have sockets that stay powered on after the ignition is off, now you can just turn off the sockets. But keep in mind the power adapter still draws power to the other ports and the lighted parts of the device.

In addition to the two cigarette lighter sockets the car power adapter comes with Dual USB car charger ports with built in smart charging IC (intelligent circuits) with a total of 3.1 amps total out out. The ports will automatically detect USB device’s current and provide the right amount of current to the USB devices that will achieve rapid and safe charging.

To make it easier to see the ports and sockets at night, the car power adapter has two embedded blue LED lights that makes it easy to find them when its dark out.

The below information was taken directly from the Amazon sales page.

• USB-A supports both IOS and Android device, and USB-S only supports the Android device.
• Compatible with voltage between 12V~24V, please do not try other range vehicle.
• This charger provide a total power up to 80W, please don’t connect any device over this power.
• Cigarette Lighter don’t support cigar lighter function.
Input: 12V-24V
Total output: 5V/3.1A
USB output 1: 5V/3.1A (Max)
USB output 2: 5V/3.1A (Max)
Power IC: CX8507

Review: CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter

Car Cup Charger by CHGEEK

The CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter came in  simple and hassle free packaging. Once opened, I found that it came with instructions and the device.

After I removed all the protective plastic wrap and checked for defects I installed the device in my car. It fits perfectly in the small useless cup holder and doesn’t block the larger cup holder.

When I plugged in the charger, the plug has the word charger that lights up in white. The light produced isn’t much and won’t cause night blindness.

As for the power ports being able to light up with a blue light, it does light up the ports and its just bright enough to see where to plug your devices in but not so bright it will cause night blindness. However, the light produced by the LED screen is bright enough it can light the area around the charger and bounce blue light off the headliner. Its not bright enough to cause issues. But I wouldn’t look at it night but for a second or two.

The first thing I did was plug in my cell phone and a Bluetooth headset. Immediately I noticed the numbers on the screen drop a little. I then plugged in another USB car charger into one of the cigarette lighter sockets to charge another device. I noticed another drop on those numbers. I then turned the WAZE app on and set driving directions and opened up the Spotify app. I noticed a slight drain as the charger had to work a little harder.

I drove around for an hour with the apps running the screen powered on for the GPS. The charger kept the phone charged and almost had a full charge. Next I turned the devices off and just let them charge. My devices charged at a regular fast speed. The device did not seem to heat up.

For those that need more cigarette lighter sockets and need options to charge USB devices, then this is the device for you. I recommend the CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter and will be purchasing another one for my wife.

To learn more about the car power adapter or purchase it, make sure to check out the Amazon sales page. Check out the high resolution pictures of the CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter in use.

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