Review: Anker PowerPort Elite 2

Anker recently released the Anker PowerPort Elite 2 that comes with Anker’s patented PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies. Because of these two powerful features, this charger provides the fastest charge for iPhone, iPad, and any other non-Quick Charge devices. If you need a faster charge you need to take a look at Anker’s 3.0 Quick Charge products. Make sure to check out the PowerPoint Speed 2.

What is PowerIQ?

PowerIQ can figure out and use any device’s ideal charging protocols. This means that any of Anker’s chargers with PowerIQ can charge any device just as fast as a manufacture charger.

What is VoltageBoost?

VoltageBoost will automatically set the output correct cable resistance to make charging a device faster. You can use that cheap gas station cable and charge just fast or faster than the OEM cable. If you use an Anker cable, you can speed up your charging even more.

Anker PowerPort Elite 2

Anker PowerPort Elite 2 – Additional Features

In addition to the powerhouse charging features, the PowerPort Elite 2 is the ideal travel charger. It comes in a small package with a foldable plug making it easy to put it in a carry on bag, pants pocket, backpack or purse to use on the long waits at the airport. If you are concerned about using this device when traveling overseas, it works fine with an adapter. The unit uses an international 100-240 volt input.

Anker made sure to use a strong matte plastic (coating?) and premium internal components make this a durable travel charger that is protected from and bumps and drops. If you are like me, I am clumsy and I tend to drop small things like chargers and cell phones. With this design, I don’t have to worry about damaging the internals during my travels or if I drop it while at work.


With all the overheating and fire concerns with device charging, Anker is concerned about safety and want to keep their customers safe. They created and patented the MultiProtect safety system. This system uses 10 safety features that are designed to give your devices, the charger, and yourself total protection. These features include surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and temperature control.

Review: Anker PowerPort Elite 2

Anker PowerPort Elite 2

Back in May Anker released their latest wall charger, PowerPort Elite 2, and to celebrate the release  (Image source: Anker MultiProtect) they gave away 300 hundred during contest. I was one of the lucky 300 to get my hands on one of these.

I have only had the charger for a few weeks and I have to say this is a handy little charger that I can charge my iPad and cell phone at the same time. Below is my real life review of of the Anker PowerPort Elite 2.

After some research, I decided this one would work for my travels and family trips. Even though this one doesn’t have 3.0 quick charge, its still a fast charge. It charged my old iPad gen 1 with charge issues with ease and took just over an hour from zero charge to get me a full charge and took about 40 minutes to charge from 20%  to 88% on my LG G4.

As to its build quality, this one is solid and the matte white plastic gives it a simple and elegant look that will look good with your white mobile devices and other colors as well.

Anker PowerPort Elite 2

As to traveling, I’m not traveling for at least several months and most likely it will be a camping trip without access to power. So I can’t travel test it. I do know sometime this year we will be making a trip and we will see just how well this one works for us.

But with its size and works overseas, I think this one will be a good fit for us if we decide to travel. It should fit in any of our travel bags and my photo gear bags as well.

When its plugged in it doesn’t take up to much space and its fits securely against the wall. The flipping prongs are also tight so it doesn’t move around in the outlet like cheaply made ones do.

Anker PowerPort Elite 2

When the device is plugged in, there’s a blue light above the outlets that help light up the ports and isn’t to bright in a dark room. But I still would cover the light if you charging in a room you are sleeping in. It could disturb your sleep.

Anker PowerPort Elite 2

With the two ports you and a friend can charge together if you have the cables, or if you are alone you can charge a tablet and a phone at the same time.

I highly recommend this little charger. If you aren’t looking for the fastest charge (its still faster than factory) on the market or something with 3.0 Quick Charge this is a great charger for travel.

Currently this charger is going for $11.99 on Amazon (as of 06/09/2017). If you are looking for another wall charger option, check out these other highly rated chargers from Anker.

Please note I haven’t tested these but all the review on Amazon give them high ratings.

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