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I’ve always wanted to do a random image of the week articles from images from my library. Back in 2013 I started posting random images to the my photoblog as a weekly random image. Then back in May of this year I stop posting to that site. After some thought I decided that site really isn’t needed.

At some point I will pull that site but before I pull the site I will repost those weekly articles to this site. I plan to post weekly random images along with other articles during the week when I can. Once I get caught up with those repost articles then I will work on new ones.

Random Image of the Week

Random Image of the week - House door tied to a pole  Originally Posted – September 18th 2013

This week’s image was taken while I was driving down Beltway 8 in Houston, Texas after leaving a business meeting. While stuck in Houston traffic, I came to a stop at a traffic light where I noticed a random door tied to a pole at a Velero Gas Station. This door is grungy, old and missing the center glass piece and I love it!

Seeing this site, I just had to take a picture of this. Luckily, I had my Sony Nex-3nl setting next to me and ready to use. So I took a couple of quick pictures.

The Processing

I processed the image with Adobe Lightroom and post processed the image with Topaz Labs Clarity. Since the weather was a little gloomy and the bad weather was about to roll in, I lightened the shadows to bring out more detail and then desaturated the image to give off a more grungy look.

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