Random Picture of the Week #4: Rusty Old Pipe

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For this week’s random picture, I decided to take some pictures around our family farm and some exploring since I really haven’t had much time visit much over the last few years. And when I do have time to visit, its usually a short visit to spend time with extended family and take care of family business.

Rusty Pipe Originally posted on November 4th, 2013 on Evolutionary Designs – Photography

About the Image

Between work and family illnesses, I haven’t spent much time online and the time I do spend online is mostly use to check email, write a couple of short articles, and social media networks that need to be check daily.

Then last week, I received a call around 2 am in the morning that my 94 year old grandmother had passed away and I needed to come home. My wife and I packed up our stuff, our two dogs, requested some time off, and headed to the farm.

Normally on these trips, I try and take a side trip or do some exploring somewhere in the state (Mississippi). There is so much history in this state  and ton of beautiful historical buildings you can only find in this state.

But for this trip, I haven’t had much time to visit some sites, so I decided to explore some of the back pastures and the woods on the property.

During one of my outings, I came across a pile of old rusted oil tanks that were salvaged for scrap. These old tanks never made it to the metal recycling center and the trees and have grown up around them.

I took a few shots and a several texture shots for the design resources articles over on the design blog. Out of the regular shots, the above image is my favorite.

As for the processing,  I used Adobe Lightroom 5 to clean up the image, brighten and enhance the look of the image. I finished off the image by adding a vignetting.

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