Random Picture of the Week #16: Bogart – A Pit Bull and Vizsla Retriever Mix

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This week’s random picture is of our newest member of the family,Bogart – A Pit Bull and Vizsla Retriever Mix . He was rescued from death row at the Fort Worth Animal Shelter by DFW Rescue Me. They had him for just a few weeks, before we were able to adapt him.

Pit Bull and Vizsla Retriever Mix

Originally posted on March 30th, 2014 on EvolutionaryDesigns.net/photography

About Bogart

As the title says, he’s a pit bull and Vizsla Retriever mix. He has the head of a pit bull and the body a retriever. From a distance, he looks like a retriever, but up close you can see the distinctive facial features of a Pit Bull.

As for personality, he’s a little nuts at times. We aren’t sure of his history but, we know he was a stray and was found on the streets of Fort Worth. And he may have beaten or slapped around. He tends to act very submissive if I pick up something stick like or if he does something he knows he shouldn’t do.

When we first got him, it was a little rough. He took some time getting use us and we getting use to his issues. Luckily, we figured  each other out and most of his issues went away.

About the Image

This shot was really just luck. He normally doesn’t sit still when he knows we are watching. And I swear, he knows what a camera is and hates it.

At the time of this picture was taken, Bogart wore himself out playing with his favorite stuffed animal. Once finished, he protects the little guy and won’t give him up.

So I used the opportunity to snap a few low light shots and a few with the flash. This shot was up close and personal with the flash. As you can see, he was not amused by the flash.

Shot taken with a Sony Nex-3N/B w/ E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ kit lens. At f/5.6 1/60 sec. ISO-800 w/ auto strobe flash. I then processed it with Adobe Lightroom to crop, straightened, and remove dust spots from the image. After that, I post processed the image with Topaz Labs Clarity to add more texture, remove shadows, boost brightness and contrast.

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