The Old Alston Grocery Store in Rodney, Mississippi

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The old Alston Grocery Store in Rodney, Mississippi is one of a few remaining buildings left in the once prosperous town now considered by some as a ghost town. It’s really not a ghost town, there are quit a few people that still in town and the surrounding area. All of the abandoned buildings in town are on private property and some of the buildings are maintained. Those building are the Presbyterian Church, The Baptist Church, the Masonic Lodge, a commercial building, and a few houses. Out of those buildings the Presbyterian Church is an original structure to the town.

The Old Alston Grocery Store

The History of the Old Alston Grocery Store in Rodney, Mississippi

There really isn’t much recorded history on the old building. I’m afraid most of its history has been lost or isn’t recorded on the internet. From what I found, the Alstons operated the old store from 1915 to 1983 when they closed their doors for the last time. The welded wire fence was added sometime around 2013.  Judging from the old visible pump, it also looked like the store may have had the only gas pump in the area. Did they provide fuel there or was it added later as decoration?

The old Alston Grocery Store

Current Status of the Old Alston Grocery Store

For the most part the old Alston Grocery Store is taken care of. You can tell its abandoned, but the owners keep it from getting worse. A few years back they added a fence around the public areas. I guess the fence was added to keep people out and keep things from walking off. At least from the outside, this old building looks like it wouldn’t take much to restore it. I would love to have an opportunity to go inside to document it.

Built around 1915 and closed its doors in 1983. The old Alston Grocery Store is one of the few remaining buildings in Rodney, Mississippi

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