Old Abandoned Vehicles Near Kimberling, Missouri

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Back in August 2014 work sent me up to Branson, Missouri for a week. Due to my work schedule at that time my mornings were free and my weekend was free that week. Since Branson was so expensive to catch a show and many of the town’s attractions weren’t my thing I decided to spend my free time exploring the surrounding rural areas. On one late afternoon explore I came across several tracts of land that had a bunch of old abandoned vehicles near Kimberling, Missouri.

About the Old Abandoned Vehicles Near Kimberling, Missouri

The area around Branson isn’t ideal for just finding old rural back road and explore. The area is in the mountains and its heavily wooded. In the summer months you can drive right a past property full of old cars or an abandoned house and not see it because of all the trees.

Old Abandoned Vehicles Near Kimberling, Missouri

When I came across these old cars several were parked right up on the edge of the road along the easement and few were just off the rock drive. Unfortunately there wasn’t a house or anybody around to ask if I could explore the vehicles. One property had a ton of cars old sitting the bottom of a valley. They weren’t easy to get to I didn’t want leave the rock drive and parking areas.

Old Abandoned Vehicles Near Kimberling, Missouri

Some of the cars were in various stages of restoration while most were left and forgotten or were there for salvage.

About the Images

The images were shot late in the summer afternoon within an hour before sunset in the woods by hand without flash using Sony Nex-3Nand a Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 lens. I then edited the image in Adobe Lightroom. I then post processed with Google Nik Collection for color correction, add contrast, and remove noise.

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